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Oct 11, 2008 11:31 AM

Harvest Supper New Canaan - Excellent

We finally made to Harvest Supper for dinner last night. Across the board, everything was excellent. The service was friendly and knowledgeable. The owner as hostess was very welcoming and gracious. And the food was really really good, I think the best we've eaten in FFLD County.
It has the small plate concept which seems to work fine here. The menu is divided into 3 sections and we each chose one dish from each section.
I started with a beet salad, beautiful cubes of many different colors, tossed with pine nuts in a simple dressing. My 2nd course was big-eye tuna with picked mushrooms and chickpeas in a creamy sauce. It was just wonderful, about 6 small pieces of seared tuna with whole mushrooms the size of peanuts tossed in with green chickpeas. My 3rd course was a braised veal cheek over farro with parmesan and broccoli.
My husband started with the short rib carpaccio, which was about 6 beautiful slices of meat, paper thin, with caramelized onion and a horseradish aioli with (I think) crispy shallots on top. It was so good I wished I had gotten it too! His 2nd course was seared scallops with bacon wrapped parsnips, classic flavors, very nicely cooked. His third course was sliced duck breast over french lentils in a mustard sauce, also very good.
For dessert we had the yogurt cheesecake with strawberries and the chocolate tart.
They have their liquor license now, so we had a bottle of wine. They also brought over a small glass of dessert wine on the house to all the tables which was a nice touch.
We had heard some negative stories about the slow service, but everything was perfect. We did go early, 6:30, and we were finished at about 8:20. The timing between courses was good. It was on the empty side when we came in, but by the time we left, every table was occupied.
The food reminds me of the Schoolhouse at Cannondale, but I appreciate that there are more choices here. The presentations are beautiful, the portion sizes right on for a small plate concept.
If you like the Schoolhouse or Osetra, I think you'd love Harvest Supper.

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  1. I am so glad that you posted this! I had dinner at Harvest Supper for the first time tonight, and also had an excellent seems that the service problems that many experienced here earlier have now largely been solved. We arrived at 6:15 and were done by 8:45 (due to our lingering over dessert, not service issues). IMHO the food, service and ambience could hold their own against many a place in NYC. Dishes we had that I would especially recommend include the sea scallops and veal cheek (as mentioned), crispy pork belly with pearl onion relish and chickpeas, and creamy bread pudding with a thin crackly bruleed sugar crust and apple confit. They now have their liquor license and the wine list has a nice selection of bottles, half bottles and by the glass as well as beer. Also, coffee (no decaf though) and tea....though no bread! I live in NYC and was only in town for a visit to the Glass House but wish that I had cause to come up more often now!