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Oct 11, 2008 11:30 AM

Need a plan B for Port Chester

Dh and I want to try to go to Tarry Lodge tonight, but the woman I just spoke to on the phone didn't make getting in w/out a long wait sound too promising. (they are just doing a soft opening, aren't taking reservations yet and she's said they've had tons of calls already this morning, she was actually encouraging us not come.) We figure we'll go and try, but if the wait is really long, is there a really good restaurant nearby that we could walk in around 7:45? We're pretty much open to anything except Indian and dh doesn't eat sushi. I don't know the area at all. Thanks!

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  1. Usually can get into the willet house since it has many rooms; steaks. high price wine list

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      Yes, that is why we call it The Wallet House!

    2. Did you go? If you are trying again consider Nessa, Mirage or Piero's

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        oh, we went, it was kind of a debacle...When I called that morning and she told me they weren't taking reservations, I said, ok, then I'm assuming they'll be a wait at 7:45 and she said, yes definitely. Ok, so we get our babysitter to come an hour early, put our kids down (which we don't like to do usually) and drive the 45 mins to Port Chester. We walk in at 7 and say, can we have atable for 2. She says, no sorry. We say, ok, how long is the wait...she says sorry, you can't wait!

        Ok, now I understand this is the second night they're open, it's a soft opening etc, BUT when all she needed to do when I called that morning was say, if you aren't here by 6 or whatever time we won't serve you. She told me there'd be a wait at 7:45 therefore implying you could wait! We were so stunned we were speechless so I didn't get to tell her any of this.

        Unfortunately there were no replies to my post before we left so we didn't know where to go. we drove right by Burgers Shakes and Fries, which I've been dying to try, but at this point DH was NOT happy and was expecting a big delicious meal so he wasn't in the mood for burgers.

        We ended up driving to Greenwich, walking the Avenue, not really feeling like anything and finally ended up at Avienda which we'd been to once before and hadn't loved. I went straight to the bathroom while dh ordered drinks..I came back to the table to the waiter pouring bottled water. When he left I asked dh why he ordered bottled and he swears the guy said still or sparkling (and didn't say tap) obviously dh's fault for not just saying tap, but still annoying...most annoying was when the bill came and the water was $8!! The food was fine, nothing great. The salsa was oddly salty.

        Anyway, the whole Tarry Lodge thing just put a damper on the whole evening. Such a bummer. Worst part is, I forgot to call at 10 yesterday to make a I'm not sure when we'll go back.

      2. Don't feel bad....I too had forgotten to call when they opened the line at 10 am the other day and now, I can't get a reservation for the nights upcoming that I have a sitter. If I was to eat at 4:30 or 10, they have space for me. I understand the hype, but I am mad at myself b/c I have waiting and waiting for them to open. Haunting my husband with reports of my "drive-bys". Oh well. The woman on the phone told me, " Don't worry. We're not going anywhere. You'll get in at some point".

        1. Can anyone explain the reservations policy at Tarry Lodge? Several posts mention calling at 10 a.m. What days' reservations are available when you call?

          1. We are frustrated with Tarry Lodge. It's good but . . .
            Try FISH - fox island seafood house. Great food, remote location.