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Oct 11, 2008 10:35 AM

Bangkok Oriental in Glen Burnie: Hubba Hubba

While here have been some mentions of Bangkok Oriental in the boards, I wanted to start a thread specifically for this place. It deserves one!

The dish that led me to this post was their fish of the day, a pan-fried, head-on, whole red snapper. You can choose what sauce you want. I chose chee che, a lightly spicy, coconut-y, delicious curry-like sauce. The fish was perfectly fried---crispy and delicious skin, steamed and moist fish inside. It came with lovely steamed veggies (celery, bamboo shoot, carrot, water chestnut, broccoli) and Thai fried rice. Divine! Absolutely fabulous dish.

We started with the Yum salad (beef) as an app an the Tom Yum Goon soup. The Yum was the spiciest of all the dishes, and meat was tender and wonderfully spiced, as were the accompanying lettuce leaves, onion, and tomato.

The soup on first taste I thought too tamarind-y and not lemongrass-y enough, but each subsequent sip was perfect. I was very happy with it.

We also got the Bangkok curry vegetables with pananag curry (you can choose red, green or pananag). Again, another winner.

The service is beyond friendly, and the proprietor wonderful.

One soup, one salad, two entrees that included house salad, fried rice, and sauteed veg, one veg curry dish, and two iced teas (regular) came to $66. Worth every penny.

All of the dishes except for the snapper were labeled one star of heat; the snapper was labeled two stars. The Yum was the only dish that was actually somewhat spicy. The others were just mildly spicy. Don't be afraid of the stars. They, I believe, are American spicy, and not Thai spicy.

I've only taken take-out from here before, but I have a feeling that we'll be there a lot more often now. It's going to enter our rotation of "go-to" places in the area.

Well done, Bangkok Oriental! We could use more places like you in the area.

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    1. re: Hal Laurent

      8043 Ritchie Hwy # F
      Pasadena, MD 21122
      (410) 766-0973

      It's on Route 2, off of Jumpers Hole Road, tucked behind the Bob Evans and Dunkin Donuts. You can't see it from Ritchie Highway unless you've been there before and know what you are looking for.

      If you're coming at it driving on Jumpers Hole Road, turn into the driveway before (or after, depending on what direction you are coming from) Huffard Animal Hospital. The road will lead you past a tire shop, then the restaurant will be on your right.

      1. re: venera

        My family has been going there regularly for the past 10 years or so. We absolutely love it, and am glad you enjoyed it too. I really enjoy their basil chili chicken, and their coconut custard dessert.

        1. re: venera

          Correction - If you are on Jumpers Hole Road, take the second driveway from Huffard Animal Hospital - at the moment there is a "Cold Beer" sign in that driveway. The strip mall is beyond the bowling alley.

      2. I've been going since the early 90's beacuse I'm in love with the "Drunken Noodles", a must try. The owner Dennis is a very friendly and polite man.