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Oct 11, 2008 10:28 AM

Ontario Dining Options - Convention Center

Staying at the Doubletree Hotel for two nights next week. I'd like some feedback on Porter's Steakhouse at the hotel or other nearby dining options. We can consider all food types but a good wine list or reasonable corkage fees would be nice. I do have a car but would prefer to take a cab somewhere close instead. I'm with a business associate that is disabled. so long walking distances or places without good access are out.


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  1. The silence is deafening. Am I truly visiting a foodie wasteland...... LOL.

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      You really are. Your best bet out there is Mexican, and IIRC, there is one steakhouse. I did research on this for my mom about a year ago. I found this in Chino, which is not Ontario, but Ontario is v small.

      Owen's Bistro

    2. One of your very best choices is Rosa's Italian restaurant on Vineyard, just a block or two from your hotel. The food is primarily North Italian, and food, service and ambience will all hold their own with practically any other upscale Italian restaurant around. Another place worth checking out is the Bombay Indian restaurant, directly across the parking lot from Rosa's. The restaurant has changed ownership several times, and it keeps getting better and better. In case you try Rosa's, like it, and are curious to try a New York-style steakhouse owned by the same people, go to the New York Grill across from Ontario Mills Mall , perhaps ten minutes away. The menu is broad enough for almost any taste and the food, service, and ambience are thoroughly enjoyable. Both Rosa's and the New York Grill are a little pricey, but well worth it. Another place that's quite good, but perhaps TOO pricey is Tokyo Tokyo for Japanese food and sushi. It's across the street from the New York Grill, to the Northeast.

      1. Porter's is the only good restaurant I've eaten at in Ontario. (I spent three days in Ontario taking the California bar exam. It seemed like a culinary hell hole--one big chain restaurant after another.) I would give Porter's a chance--I had good luck with their pasta dishes with cream sauces.

        1. We actually had a nice dinner at Porter's last year. I had a $20 off coupon, which helped, but we had to be in that part of the world around dinnertime and decided to give it a shot. The steaks were indeed prime, and dry aged if I'm not mistaken. They certainly had a nice beefy flavor. Shrimp cocktail was a good starter. They were the colossal ones, 6-12s I guess. As I recall, the wine list wasn't particularly impressive, but we'd definitely go back if we're in the area again.

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            Thanks for the recommendations. I think we'll try Porter's tonight, and leave our options open for tomorrow.