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Oct 11, 2008 10:25 AM

PROVISIONS on St-Laurent Street

We had quite a few emails regarding this new place on St-Laurent street.
One our friend went there and made the video photo review.

With the new chowhound looks, we thought that we would have the ability to upload video here. Too bad we can't. I uploaded a couple of pictures

I tasted their sandwiches. I had a lamb sausage and it was just amazing. There's grilled zucchini in there with roasted bell peppers. Their bread is something else since they make their own bread. You can't get any fresher.

The passion for quality of these guys is obvious. The only drawback is that they're open only for lunch until 4pm on weekdays. I've told that they plan to open for brunch in a near futur. Hope their hours also will extend since I don't work in the Centre-Sud downtown area.



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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I checked it out about a month ago when I had an early afternoon off. I tried the confit chicken sandwich you've pictured and thought the filling was absolutely delicious - but the bread was a little underbaked and lacked much depth. I also received a completely undrinkable cappuccino. The only open for lunch thing is a drawback, since I doubt I'll be able to check it out again any time soon. Hopefully some more reviews pop up on here in the future.

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        Hi AFY
        I didn't try their coffee so I can't comment on that. But the bread was delicious when I went.
        Just checked out your blog. Great job.

      2. I finally tried the Provisions for lunch. I had the chicken confit sandwich with a side of garden salad (for a dollar extra). The texture of the confit was silky and plump, the housemade mayonnaise and the bread was well made and the salad was the best one dollar salad I have ever eaten. The service was impossibly friendly, though I guess it helped that I was the only customer. I was impressed in general, although I must say the food was a little bit on the salty side even for a salt lover like me.

        I am a little bit worried about the location though. Although it is not too far from some of the nearby office buildings, that block (which harbors a gamut of knicknack stores, halal groceries and abandoned lofts) is such an odd place to open a fancy schmancy sandwich shop. I hope they get enough foot traffic to survive.

        1. My wife and I stopped by yesterday for lunch on our way to the Biodome. My wife had the beet salad which she absolutely loved. I had the special bavette sandwich on the homemade roll. The meat was perfectly done, and far more tender than I had expected. I tried a side of the fennel salad which was very good, but not outstanding. Seemed to be just a touch on the salty side to my taste as well. Didn't detract from a great meal. We'll return, soon.