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Oct 11, 2008 10:17 AM

Best Non-Red-Meat BBQ Item in Central Texas?

Okay, I realize this question may border on sacrelidge. But, for medical reasons, I have had to give up red meat 2 years ago (that means no mammals, including pork).

Now I find myself about to visit Austin for the first time and eagerly looking forward to sampling the best (relatively inexpensive) local food. I really want to take a drive out to Lockhart, but deciding which BBQ place to visit in the greater Austin area may be trickier for me. Any recommendations?

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  1. Nico, I've always really enjoyed the chicken at County Line. It's bone-in, skin-on, and has a nice charring and smoky flavor and is usually pretty moist. If you go to County Line, you have to get their homemade wheat bread. It's really special.

    I've also liked the oak smoked turkey at Hill's Cafe. And the sides are really delicious there. Check out their sides menu. You'll have trouble choosing just two.

    I had turkey at Ruby's BBQ once, and it didn't taste smoky at all. It tasted like Thanksgiving turkey (and was dry). So, I can't recommend that. Just wanted to warn you. I do like the vibe at Ruby's. I wanted to like the food more.

    I've only had brisket from Lockhart, and if they do to a bird what they do to brisket, it would be well worth the drive.

    Enjoy your visit!!!

    1. This certainly wouldn't qualify as inexpensive, but the smoked quail at Hudson's-on-the-Bend is, imo, the single greatest NRM BBQ item in the Hill Country.

      Chicken and turkey, no matter where you go, will never really go beyond 'just OK' at any bbq joint.

      My advice to you would be to seek out some of the great Mexican grilled chicken joints around town.