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Oct 11, 2008 09:52 AM

Dirty martini olive juice - where?

I had a cat named Bobby who'd sit on the veranda with me and we'd share martinis. I'd drink them and he'd eat the olives. Sadly, Bobby's gone now, but my taste for gin martinis and gibsons is still here. Actually, I prefer the juice from the olive bottles to the olives. That's why I have jars of dried-out olives in the fridge. Now I've discovered that the olive juice is available on its own in bottles, to be used for something called a "dirty martini". Here's an example:

Where can I buy olive juice in the Toronto area? Have you seen it anywhere?

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  1. You can order olive brine cocktail mix online but I know you can buy it retail somewhere, I just can't remember now where I've seen it -

    You could contact Dirty Sue and see if they know of distributors in the Toronto area.