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Oct 11, 2008 09:45 AM

Sushi making classes in Toronto?

I did a search but I couldn't find anything on the boards. Does anyone know of any places that teach how to make sushi?

I'm not planning on being an expert but I thought it would be a fun thing to learn. TIA

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  1. Did you check the george brown website? (The continuing education section). I believe they offer a class on japanese cooking.

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      Not in Toronto but this is worth the drive to Brampton. Took a group there and it was a fabulous outing and VERY VERY reasonable. You can have the place to yourself, drink wine, take pictures and of course make and eat sushi. They also have a Thai class which is equally fun.

    2. Loblaws has a hands-on sushi course (actually, they have two - one beginner and one intermediate). A couple of girlfriends and I decided to check it out as an alternative to the usual dinner-and-drinks outings, and we had a great time.

      The price was really affordable as well, esp when you compare to some of the alternatives like George Brown or the LCBO. The downsides: only the larger Loblaws locations have classes, and it can be hard to figure out when/where they're holding the next class, since the website will only let you view the schedule on a per-location basis.

      1. i feel like there must be threads out there about this... but i'm in mood to futz around with the search function, so i will say that i know that sushi marche out on queen east does do a sushi class, quality i am not so sure of.

        1. Akasaka in Richmond Hill
          Hwy 7 & West Beaver Creek Rd

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            The chef of Akasaka (David Chang) is also the instructor of the sushi class for George Brown and Calaphon. I took my class at George Brown and found it was worth the value. I learned how to fillet fish Japanese style and we had lots of extra ingredients to take home as well in addition to what we made in class (i.e. a whole party tray).

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