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Sushi making classes in Toronto?

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I did a search but I couldn't find anything on the boards. Does anyone know of any places that teach how to make sushi?

I'm not planning on being an expert but I thought it would be a fun thing to learn. TIA

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  1. Did you check the george brown website? (The continuing education section). I believe they offer a class on japanese cooking.

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      Not in Toronto but this is worth the drive to Brampton. Took a group there and it was a fabulous outing and VERY VERY reasonable. You can have the place to yourself, drink wine, take pictures and of course make and eat sushi. They also have a Thai class which is equally fun. www.sushiwong.ca/

    2. Loblaws has a hands-on sushi course (actually, they have two - one beginner and one intermediate). A couple of girlfriends and I decided to check it out as an alternative to the usual dinner-and-drinks outings, and we had a great time.

      The price was really affordable as well, esp when you compare to some of the alternatives like George Brown or the LCBO. The downsides: only the larger Loblaws locations have classes, and it can be hard to figure out when/where they're holding the next class, since the website will only let you view the schedule on a per-location basis.

      1. i feel like there must be threads out there about this... but i'm in mood to futz around with the search function, so i will say that i know that sushi marche out on queen east does do a sushi class, quality i am not so sure of.

        1. Akasaka in Richmond Hill
          Hwy 7 & West Beaver Creek Rd


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            The chef of Akasaka (David Chang) is also the instructor of the sushi class for George Brown and Calaphon. I took my class at George Brown and found it was worth the value. I learned how to fillet fish Japanese style and we had lots of extra ingredients to take home as well in addition to what we made in class (i.e. a whole party tray).

          2. Believe it or not, there are about to be a couple sushi workshops coming up at the Drake Hotel on Saturday May 15 and 29. They are being held by Koko Share Bar's former co-owner Sang Kim and chef Shin Aoyama (who studied under the legendary sushi master Tojo in Vancouver).

            I attended their first workshop (which was held at Koko) and it's a very casual, fun time where I learnt how to make hosomaki, uramaki (inside out roll) and a hand roll. I actually have pictures and a write-up on my blog right now about the experience.

            Sang and Shin have since left Koko, so they'll be holding the next two workshops at the Drake Hotel. It was a good mix of sushi history, understanding the ingredients, demonstration, and then hands-on makimono making. Definitely not for anyone who's into becoming a sushi expert, but a really fun way to spend a couple hours. As a heads up, May 15 is a Singles event and May 29 is a Couples event. You can call Sang at 416-802-7905 to ask him for details about the sushi-making workshops.


            2766 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, ON M2J4A8, CA

            The Drake Hotel
            1150 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

            Koko Share Bar
            81 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON , CA

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              jimmy from the sushi bar on yonge north of lawrence will do sushi making classes.
              very fun!


            2. Any new recommendations for sushi classes? In particular I'm looking for something on sushi knife skills, for someone who already has some experience. Any high-end or private classes out there?