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Oct 11, 2008 08:32 AM


New to this particular area of Long Island and this board.

What are some of the best restauants in the Village of Huntington. Thanks!

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  1. If you repost this in the Tristate section you will get responses...the Outer Boroughs doesn't cover LI.

    1. 34 New Street
      Marcia's Kitchen

      1. Mediterranean Snackbar on New York Ave. has always been reliable.

        Canterbury Ales (also on New York Ave.) for a pretty good burger and a pint.

        And my parents have developed a habit of ordering the fries from European Republic (again, on New York Ave.) whenever they grill a steak. I just had some last week and they're pretty good. They also informed me that the wraps aren't half bad either.

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        1. re: CornflakeGirl

          Prime- for trendy steaks-a real scene
          Blue Honu - for hawaiian fusion food- great bar scene
          Mediterranean Snack Bar - for no frills greek food

        2. Jonathan's ristorante on Wall St........
          Red on New York Ave

          1. Osteria da Nino - Italian
            Bistro Cassis - French
            Buenos Aires -Argentinian
            Besito -upscale Mexican
            Red - American
            Ariana - Afghani
            Kura Barn - Japanese
            Piccolo - Italian

            And so many more. Huntington is a great food town. Welcome, and enjoy exploring.

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            1. re: phofiend

              PortoVivo, go Wednesday night for the roasted suckling pig special, it is the best and so flavorful...