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Oct 11, 2008 05:43 AM

2005 Bogle Phantom

Anyone have it yet? At $18.99/bottle are we just buying into the hype? I have 3 bottles of 2004 yet, and I'm wondering whether this stuff ages gracefully or should we drink it now. I wasn't all that impressed w/ the 2004 when we tried it last October. I heeded advice and decanted it and let it sit for two hours and I tried it right out of the bottle - neither was overly impressive. I think I had high expectations given all the excitement that was stirred up both here on CH and around town (places were sold out and it was a hunt for what wine shop still had a few bottles left).

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  1. Hey Lynnlato, I love last year's Phantom, I hope that your remaining bottles will be better for you- I would think that the 04 could benefit from a few years of cellaring, I would probably drink now. for the best facts, I would email Bogle's winemaker. Cheers.

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        Hey Waitress, I haven't opened a bottle of the '05 yet but I think I'll wait. I went to their website and they recommend letting it age a bit (although they say it's perfectly drinkable now). I should open up one of my '04's to see if it's improved since last year. Let me know if you get your hands on some '05. I found mine at The Fresh Market in S.Clt.