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Oct 11, 2008 04:48 AM

Stone Crab in Tampa Area?

Staying in the Lakeland area for the next few weeks, and ooking for the best Stone Crab in the area which I presume will be Tampa, but willing to travel, nothing fancy but something with a little character would be perfect. ..thanks

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  1. I was told by a waiter at Charlie's Steakhouse that the season starts 10/15. Maybe someone else can verify that...
    I have only had stone crabs at Bonefish Grill, which is good, IMO not great. Would also love to hear other ideas...

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      The season starts Oct 15th, not a day earlier. and many places won't have them for the 15th, but I hear Columbia does.

    2. Frenchy's on Clearwater Beach will have them next weekend. Frenchy uses his own boats to bring in fresh seafood. He has 4 restaurants within about 1 square mile...all beachy casual...check out GP

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        Thanks Goatpepper ...Frenchy's looks like what we are looking for. I noticed the menus are a little different for each ... do you like one better than another?

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          With pleasure, I personally like the Original Frenchys. I like to sit at the bar for the conversation and color,even with the family. The original is the only one that serves Grouper Cheeks. They are not fat free by any means, but very tasty. Fried in what I think is a pancake batter, if you put a little tartar and Frenchy's hot sauce, you will enjoy. I only allow this treat once in a while. I am sure the Stone Crab will be first rate.

          My second chioce is Frenchy's Rock-a-Way, It's down the street about a block. You can't beat being on the beach...with the sunset and the crunchy beach crowd, it's always fun. A larger menu..., but no cheeks. A lot more tourists...good people watching. GP

          1. re: goatpepper

            Both Frenchy's Rockaway and Cooter's have stone crab festivals this weekend, to celebrate the opening of stone crab season tomorrow. They typically pitch tents in their parking lots to accommodate extra tables. Cooter's advertises that this weekend they are offering stone crab claws at wholesale prices.

      2. Cooters Crab Fest is a great place to go for Stone Crabs! Plus they have snow crab, king crab & dungeness crab as part of their crab feast. Fun band called The Bottom Feeders. Great party atmosphere and super service. Best place to go on Clearwater Beach! Oct 16-19 they have wholesale prices on stone crab, and even have Jumbo Claws! (which I like the best -- lots of meat, less work!) They serve them hot or cold with mustard sauce.

        1. Ok ya bunch of landlubbers. Here's how it works. Most all Stoners caught in any area are cooked by the processor locally. Most use the same ratio of salt to water mixture and cooking times so the taste should be the same wherever you go. For me the crab starts to taste bitter when I find out I'm paying more than I should for the same crab. Since season just opened all claws should be fresh and delicious. Call around as most decent restaurnts should be serving them. Don't forget the Dijon mayo sauce.!!!

          1. Best stone crabs I've ever had are at Middle Grounds Grill in Treasure Island. The rest of their seafood is top notch, too.