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Oct 11, 2008 01:04 AM

[PHX] weekend eating near Civic Plaza / Wesley Bolin?

We'll be visiting downtown PHX this weekend with our buffet-loving 17 year old -- always hungry -- and our picky 4 year old -- also always hungry. Any family & budget-friendly places to eat that aren't Mexican? (we have lots of great Mexican in Yuma) We're doing the Komen Walk on Sunday, so a nice brunch place nearby would be great!

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  1. yikes, hate being negative, but your situation is challenging. I am a quality over quantity, no-kids, Mexican-always-rules kind of eater, so I can't help much. Do you have a car?

    1. To satisfy your buffet lover and for something a little different, try Sabor Cubano @ 20th ave / Camelback. A short drive but from what I hear, worth it.

      They have gotten really good reviews from this board and the local critics.

      Sabor Cubano Buffet
      2030 W Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

      1. Downtown and open on Sunday mornings:

        Palatte -- French-inspired brunch place. Kitchen can be slow, so proceed with caution if the 4-year old is starving and impatient. Has recently switched from "fast casual" to full service.

        District -- Restaurant on ground floor of new Sheraton hotel @ 3rd St & Van Buren. Very nice breakfast buffet with emphasis on Arizona ingredients when feasible.

        606 N 4th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

        District: American Kitchen and Wine Bar
        320 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

        1. excellent! Yes, we'll have a car, so that makes things easier. I was just hoping to not have to drive too far for good eats.

          Sabor Cubano sounds promising since I've been craving a Cuban sandwich for a while now and one can never eat enough maduros (at least as far as I'm concerned). I'll report back when we get back home where & what we ate. Thank you all for your suggestions, after looking around on the board, I've also added the Greek Festival to our list of things to do either tonight or tomorrow after scouring the board.

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            just curious, where did you end up??

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              LOL, I'm so sorry... I've been so busy I hadn't come back to the board since the trip! And now tomorrow we'll be going back to PHX for the day, go figure.

              On the way from Yuma to PHX, we stopped in Gila Bend and got some breakfast burritos from Sofia's; that was lunch. We thought to pick up cinnamon rolls at Ikea for Sunday morning, so we could eat in the hotel room at whatever point anyone was hungry. Dinner on Saturday night was at Sabor Cubano, which was a huge hit with everyone and I've really wanted to come back and review thoroughly... (I'm not sure how to do the cool linkies, so I'd love it if someone else could do it for this place) Finally, we had planned to have lunch at the Greek Festival, and it took us forever to find it since we're not locals. But once we got there we realized that, while the food smelled incredible, the cost of feeding our family of four would've probably left us without gas money to get back home, so we stopped at Pizza a Metro and ordered a footlong pizza.

              I have to say that after reading the thread on here about Pizza a Metro, I wasn't sure what to expect but I was super pleasantly surprised at the freshness of the sauce and the ingredients, and how the crust was light yet "crusty" all at once.

              And Sabor Cubano wasn't perfect, we had the buffet (plus a few extras) and there were some definite misses for me, but I grew up eating homestyle Cuban food on a regular basis and I'd say they definitely had more hits than misses. We're planning on having dinner again there tomorrow, and it was my husband who said it first. :-)