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Oct 11, 2008 01:03 AM

Spicy Cocktails in the Bay Area?

Hey all

Just moved from the PNW and they are doing a lot of great drinks with Habanero and whatnot. I have as of yet to find anything here in the Bay Area. I work downtown and live in Berkeley, but I am willing to travel for a good cocktail. If anyone is familiar with Portland I am looking for something to rival Andina/Vault drinks....

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  1. Flora, in the Uptown section on Oakland has the best cocktails I've had in years. "Carter Beats the Devil" has a tincture of chili (maybe habanero) in it and is wonderful. I also highly recommend a drink called the Pegu Club- no chili but pure deliciousness. The
    food there is amazing too.

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      T-Rex (and perhaps Sea Salt) often carries whatever spicy experimental Hangar One vodkas have been made (in the past, there have been wasabi and chipotle vodkas, which have been delicious).

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        I second the “Carter Beats the Devil” and Flora in general! They have great drinks, and the food ain't bad ither. ;)

      2. Slow Club's bloody Mary is made with habanero vodka. Excellent drinks and food all around.

        Generally, if you want great cocktails, you'll do better in SF than Berkeley.

        1. I'm not sure if they're mixing cocktails with these in the tasting room, but the Hangar One (St. George's Spirits) distillery makes both wasabi and chipotle vodkas. Worth a swig!

          St. George Spirits
          2601 Monarch St, Alameda, CA

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            Wasabi and chipotle were small batch, single issue vodkas. My husband still asks if I have seen it when i go on a liquor run. Sea Salt in Berkeley has some on the bar and Flora in Oakland makes good drinks. Carter beats the Devil is great.

          2. The spicy bloody mary with octopus at La Mar was outrageously good (and I'm not usually one to rave about spicy drinks).

            1. Also... The Alembic in the Upper Haight used to serve this great cocktail called "The Bone", which has rye, tabasco and lime... it's not on the menu anymore, but most of the bartenders remember it and will still make it for you!

              1725 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117