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Oct 10, 2008 09:54 PM


I'm trapped working in Sylmar for the next three months. I there anything good out there? ANYTHING? Great hole in the wall? Uncharted ethinc territory? Long forgotten gem? Be it for lunch dinner or whatever.

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  1. Carusos on Hubbard and foothill(i think its foothill but for sure hubbard) has great italian food. The best eats ive had out there are the street taco trucks, man they are to die for. 50 Cent tacos with fresh salsas and mexican coke.

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      That sounds so good...I've gotta start searching for those trucks! Maybe seek out construction sites or something. Thanks. I can't wait.

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          With the fire out there today, those trucks may be harder than usual to find in the usual places, as they may have to move, or may relocate nearer the fire lines to feed the firefighters.

      1. Courthouse Sushi, El Presidente.

        1. I worked near sylmar for a couple years... these were the best I found around town:
          H. Salt Fish & Chips 1017 Truman St, San Fernando
          Sierra's Restaurant (mexican), 500 San Fernando Mission Blvd, San Fernando, CA 91340
          Sub Queen, on foothill, not sure of exact address
          Burrito Factory, 13867 Foothill Blv. #3

          and I second Caruso's... quite tasty.

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            isn't there a Kira's Magic Cuisine somewhere there or am i thinking of San Fernando.

            Anyhow, that might be a possibilty.

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              Sierra's burned down a couple of years ago. Casa Torres on Hubbard I believe has good homemade tortilla's. Also Gourmet Tamales on MacClay in San Fernando has great tamales.

            2. stuck at olive view? the only places i've tried have been taco rico and la carrasca. if you go to taco rico, stick to the tacos. i preferred the hard shelled versions. la carrasca had pretty good goat soup and their burritos weren't bad. all in all, if you're in sylmar stick to mexican.

              taco rico
              2055 Glenoaks Blvd
              San Fernando, CA 91340

              1. I've worked in Sylmar for 5 years... here are my top picks :D

                You have to try Buffalo Bruce's on Hubbard. Vivian (the owner) makes the best teas/coffees ever and has a different home-cooked lunch special every day.

                Excellent sandwiches & salads, great drinks. Plus a super-cute outdoor patio with christmas lights. Try the caesar salad wrap!

                The best $2 tacos ever:

                Good thai food:

                Good all-around Mexican:

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                  Amazing recs... Thanks to you all. And, of course, I'd love to hear more.

                  I won't ask for any BBQ places, though ( had to come out).