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Oct 10, 2008 09:23 PM

Digital converter surprise: PBS Create

I'm an Analog Annie in a Digital Debbie world, never having used a computer till 4 years ago (and then, with only dial-up service) or a cell phone till 2 years later. I left my butter churn and washboard ;-) long enough to hook up the digital converter box to my rabbit-ear TV set, and was in for a pleasant surprise - extra PBS channels including "Create", which runs cooking/crafting/repair programs round the clock.

So, my advice to other Luddites is to install the converter box sooner rather than later, for any additional channels available in your area.

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  1. I could almost live without my cable connection (with food-network and travel channel) if I could get Create through the digital converter box. Create is where I found Jose Andres' Made in Spain.

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      I've been addicted to Create for some time. My only wish and hope is that they go thru their emmense back catalogue and show some great older shows like Julia Child, Jeff Smith and hey, even i'd be happy with some Yan Can Cook! I recently started watching Made In Spain as well, and am utterly charmed by Jose Andres! His passion is so very inspiring, and his excitment for all things food in Spain makes me want to get on a plane and visit! (and till now, never with much reason, but now..*laughs* The idea of jamon and port get the idea)

      I am addicted to Create. I'm hoping they bring back New Scandinavian Cooking soon, as well. LOVE that show.

    2. I love PBS Create, too! This way I get my full dose of Baking with Julia, with Ming, Lidia, and others thrown in. :b

      1. Channel 200 on my plan, and it is always on! The old Julia shows are really great!

        1. V-me is a Spanish language channel that may be available in the same way. Some shows are clearly dubbed versions of FN ones (Italia en la Cocina - Giada, 40 dolares al dia), but Nuestra Concina is less obviously so. Alex García and Aarón Sánchez are the cooks, and they speak Spanish at a rate that would challenge most high school learners. I've seen both on the FN Melting Pot series, and Aaron was one of the competitors for Next Iron Chef. The credits at the end of this show include Food Network 2002 credit, but I don't recall seening an English version.