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Oct 10, 2008 08:40 PM

The Slanted Door

I'm headed there tomorrow night. What should I order, or avoid?

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  1. My faves:

    -Yellowtail with those crispy fried shallots
    -Daikon rice cakes
    -Springs roll (if you want to go traditional and light)

    -Shaking beef (gotta do it)
    -Cellophane noodles with crab

    Have fun! Best Vietnamese food hands down.


    1. Went there with DH about a month ago. We too loved the yellowtail as well as the papaya salad. Based on CH rec, DH ordered shaking beef but was underwhelmed (felt it was ordinary tasting & a bit overcooked). I had the arctic char & thought it was good but no wow factor, just fish cooked properly. I felt the accompanying sauce didn't really meld with the fish & it was just there.

      I've read recently someone else had same experience with beef but yet another post revealed the opposite! I wasn't too hungry when I went otherwise I would have tried the lamb chops(?)...don't see it on the menu now. Cocktails are very good but pricey for what you get. Oh, I've enjoyed the Crispy veg. imperial rolls at Out the Door which I'm sure is excellent here.