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Oct 10, 2008 08:34 PM

These Anne Burrell commercials are blowin' out my retinas!

Sunburst blonde hair---- fluorescent yellow, day-glo pink, psycho tangerine outfits that match the curtains and countertops!
I'm just going off the image that's burned onto the inside of my eyelids, I might be off a little...

Jumping around, cracking up laughing...

Buckle your seatbelts folks, premiere show is in the morning at 10:30 EST...

I'm a Lidia, Julia, Jacques, Frug, kinda guy--- I hope there's something warm here that I can tune in to, but I fear I'm gonna have to pop a Tylenol 3 to keep from stroking out...

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  1. I watched the episode and I want to know why she grunts and why she doesn't use pepper.

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    1. re: kprange

      Not growls, but guttural growls of pleasure?

      1. re: Stephanie Wong

        I hate to say this, but I find it somewhat off putting.

        1. re: kprange

          I'm with you....don't know how she got a second season. I'm sure she's great in the kitchen but it does not translate to the TV-at least she's not coking in a sweatshirt anymore........

          1. re: nemis

            I thought it was way toned down from her first 6 episodes. The arm waving was virtually gone, the camera angles were different, she seemed more subdued in general, but unfortunately the "cookie monster" voice was still there, especially when she talked about the meat. The other thing I noticed was that she repeatedly referred to "the way it rolls in the restaurant kitchen", which she didn't do before. I guess trying to connect to the name of the show. All in all, I don't think it's a very good show. I almost preferred the first version with her wacky personality showing more. Oh just can't please us!

            1. re: sibeats

              I, too, noticed that she was very toned-down from the other episodes. She was a little less toned-down at the end of her chicken dinner, but in all, she was much more "normal." Did they change her kitchen? I didn't remember it being blue. For some reason I thought it was orange before.

              I hadn't noticed until I saw this episode that she doesn't use pepper. I, personally, love pepper!

              I'd love to make this chicken dish for company. I bet it's super-fattening and good.


              1. re: puppymomma

                I thought she was toned down to a very watchable level until near the end like you said--- then she started to freak out...

                I loved the food in this episode...

      2. re: kprange

        She doesn't use pepper because she doesn't like it.

      3. I'm glad she's back and like her show. I noticed she was very toned down. I sorta missed all the arm action from the first season. She's one of a few on FN who I believe can teach me something, so I'm gonna hang in there with her!

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        1. re: Axalady

          I didn't realize it had started up again and missed Saturday's show. Will also miss next Saturday's due to attending a wedding in Las Vegas. Hopefully after that I can remember to check it on Sat. mornings. (Didn't it used to be on Sunday mornings?)

          1. re: LindaWhit

            Yes, it was on Sunday mornings. I had forgotten it was coming back on. I noticed it because my TIVO had recorded it. Gotta LOVE TIVO!

          2. re: Axalady

            I guess I am missing the learning aspect of the show. She hasn't, in my mind, cooked anything that is that amazing or different. I also am hung up on the salt factor. To me, those who use so much salt aren't really seasoning. I understand not liking pepper - but her salt use is astronomical.

            1. re: kprange

              om gosh. now there's a subject for a debate.

              Yeah, I'm not learning much either, but she is reinforcing the way I cook, and I'm willing to bet that if people that aren't good cooks watch her, they will begin to cook well. She is an asset to the FN at this point, for me I'd say, take off Aida. Now there's a show I don't understand at all.

          3. Well I think she's great! In my view, her grunts, slurps and animation all add up to unabashed loving the aromas, tastes, textures and the art of bringing it all together without pretense and with a lot of open joy. I wish she were back.

            On the other hand... yes, I agree that you have to take her "abuse" of salt with a grain of... you get the picture.

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            1. re: Plate_o

              The mannerisms and schtick annoy the bejeezus out of my, but she's a good teacher.

              1. re: ferret

                The grunts do grate on my nerves but her skills are not to be messed with. She is one of the few on Food Network who have the skills and ability to teach without making food that "scares" most of the US. Good food simply, but properly, prepared. What a novelty on the Food Network.

              2. re: Plate_o

                Every time she does the monster voice, I laugh. You could Imagine in the second season, I'm laughing a lot. Her recipes that I have tried are fabulous and her techniques are useful. Love her show.