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Oct 10, 2008 08:19 PM

Best Rabbit dish (miami-broward)

Someone mentioned the rabbit pasta at Michael's Genuine and I was wondering where to find the best rabbit dish in Miami/Broward?

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  1. Had rabbit croquettas at Emerils as an app that were pretty good, but that's the only time I can remember seeing it other than MG

    1. There are not a lot of contenders that I can think of.

      MGF&D sometimes does a nice simple rabbit terrine - I have not had the rabbit w/ the pasta there.

      I had an outstanding rabbit loin at Michy's as a special a couple of months back but I haven't seen rabbit there regularly ->

      I thought the braised rabbit at Red Light was good but not a knockout ->

      Didn't love the braised rabbit at Sardinia.

      Brosia has a really good sounding "rabbit stifado" w/ polenta, feta and walnuts but I've never tried it.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        "There are not a lot of contenders that I can think of."
        Valid point and the post should probably be titled "any good rabbit..."
        You see it in places like New Orleans a lot (and done well) but not that often down here. When I do see it I am hesitant to order b/c you don't hear too many raves/recs on the board. Fratelli had it as a weekly special when they opened and I sent a rabbit fan over and they did not like it at all. I believe it was removed from their menu but I haven't been back recently. Frod, I think I recall reading your post about the rabbit at Sardinia and have passed on it plus they have too many other dishes that I really enjoy.

        1. re: The Chowfather

          Truth is, I haven't found very many rabbit renditions that I've really enjoyed. It is generally very mild for a "game" animal and the whole "tastes like chicken" thing really does often hold true (to me this is not a selling point). Maybe because of the small muscle structure and low fat content, I often find that it gets tough and dry even when braised, or alternately tends to just go mushy. Probably the best version I've had was the Michy's special linked to above, which countered the leanness by wrapping in bacon. Everything's better with bacon.

      2. the rabbit pasta at MGFD is very good, but i havent seen it on menu last 2 times ive gone. Graziano's argentinian rest on LeJeune & Aragon has rabbit and its very good (usually done in their "asador" slow cooked)

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        1. re: fesoicher

          The rabbit terrine was off the menu last time I was there as well. Must be Duck Season, not Wabbit Season.