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Oct 10, 2008 08:14 PM

Shelton, CT. area recs...

Chowhounds, please help me find good dining choices in the Shelton, CT. area...I often visit a family member who is a resident in a nursing home nearby...I know there are plenty of national chain operations there, but I was hoping for a few good independents too...all price ranges and cuisines are o.k...Thanks!

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  1. I shamelessly plug my user content map on Google Maps:
    Crave is less than 10 minutes away, in Ansonia. The best place I know of in the area. There's Roseland Apizza, in Derby, It's not open for lunch.
    Carmine's is fairly new to the area. Biagio's Osteria is supposed to be good.

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      Let me enthusiastically join Scargod in recommending Crave. Innovative Nuevo Latino menu in a "hip" setting admidst the pallor of downtown Ansonia. The first time I took my sons there, as we drove through Ansonia, they both asked, "just where are you taking us?" That being said, the food spoke for itself. It would definitely be a destination restaurant anywhere.