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good place to send parents for anniversary dinner

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Looking for fine dining in Seattle on a Monday night. Prefer something with a tasting menu so I can take care of the cost ahead of time, but no biggie on that one.

Real key is something local, fresh, with great charm/ambience (nothing too cool or hip) and open on Monday night.

Can't wait to hear your recs.

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  1. I suggest a long time Seattle classic, Tulio. Excellent food, great ambiance and professional service.

    1. How about Union, they have their tasting menus on again I hear. Or what about sending them to Lark- Chef Sundstrom can easily do a tasting menu for them based on what you would like.

      1. Campagne is open on Monday nights, the service is usually awesome, there's a peak-a-boo view of the water, and the food is classic. I'm not sure about prix-fixe though. I've celebrated a few Monday evening meals there, and find it hard to go wrong.

        1. Nell's Restaurant at Greenlake

          1. I second the recommendation for Tulio. It's hip and classic at the same time. Chef Walter Pisano is very accommodating, and I'm predicting he would negotiate a personal price fix menu for the, if that's what you wanted. I particularly love the ambiance and size of the restaurant.

            1. Thanks for the help. Tulio sounds good as well as Campagne.

              Lark is fantastic, but sadly it's closed on Mondays. I had wanted to send them there.

              I think Union is a bit too modern-esque for the romantic anniversary. They would like the vibe of a place like Lark or a quieter (and somewhat better lit) version of Palace Kitchen.

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                Good morning leland:

                I am the Marketing Director for Campagne. I’d be happy to help coordinate a lovely dinner for your parents. If you’d like to make a reservation, organize pre-payment or set up a prix-fixe menu, please contact me directly at 206.448.7740.

                Bon appétit,

                Radiance Bellavita