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Oct 10, 2008 06:49 PM

Abalone special at Elegantview

Elegantview have two tanksfull of small live Abalone.
This is something that I have rarely seen in T.O.
They are from Chile, and are $6.88 each.
We had them steamed in the shell.

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  1. Whoa, that's pretty cool!
    I've never seen 'live' abalone before!

    1. They always have it. It is on their special "paper" menu in Chinese all the time. Just some info, dried abalone is way more popular in chinese cuisine, but it is also much more expensive.

      1. Maybe it's just me, but the 2 times I've been there for dinner (once with just my family, another time with friends), I've been somewhat dissapointed. Ordered various dishes like seafood, deep fried items, stir fry, various meat dishes, etc and all just didn't have a value and refined taste and cooking methods that other chinese places nearby are putting out. Perhaps I should've just kept to their seafood dishes?

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        1. re: Royaljelly

          We go for the seafood.
          The giant lobster, with lots of ginger garlic and green onion, and last night we had a very nice Vancouver Crab.
          We prefer their 3- 5 pound lobster to O-Mei, because I personally enjoy the wet method to O-Mei's dry.
          Their seafood has never disappointed us, and the last time we ordered the lobster, they poached the lung, which was quite a treat.
          It is a good idea to see what is the special, and they always have one.
          Skyline, the Abalone is on the English menu as well, but it runs around $60.
          From past experience, if I remember correctly, it is the large sliced ones, and I think that they are usually frozen, although I can't say for certain.
          I have never seen a live Abalone in their tanks before.
          They ask you to pay cash with the Abalone special, as they claim that they are losing money on them.
          We occasionally order meat, and with German guests we ordered the Peking Duck two ways, and they devoured it.

          1. re: erly

            how big is the live abalone? is it like what you would get in hk? if so, i would say it's about the size of a baby's fist or new zealand mussel, correct?

            1. re: caitlink

              I have never seen New Zealand mussels that large.
              More the size of a "chubby" baby;s fist.

            2. re: erly

              I guess seafood is their forte then... I had the peking duck, not worth trying again.

              1. re: Royaljelly

                Hey Royaljelly, they have a special list of daily seafood, but make sure when you order, the seafood is live fish, because some of the items in the list is frozen... which is pretty bad.

              2. re: erly

                I know what you are talking about, I am not talking about the Abalone on the normal menu (which is some of the dried abalone version, and some dish is served in cut slices). I am talking about the fresh abalone, it is on their daily special list paper which is only written in Chinese, it is market price about $ 10 dollar per abalone. I have visited ElegrantView about 10 times this year and they always have the fresh abalone as a item in the special daily menu, and I always see them in the tank, eventhough not a full tank of it.

                1. re: skylineR33

                  I always bring my son to see all the chinese resto's fish tanks, and Elegant View's seems to be one of the better stocked ones around. Probably just a bit less exotic than O-Mei's.