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Oct 10, 2008 06:16 PM

Gourmet Croissant, Canmore

is under new ownership it appears. Not sure if this means the ends to some of the best pastries in Western Canada ;-s

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  1. Thanks Graeme, that maybe explains why it looked deserted on Friday when I drove by... picked up our turducken at Railway Deli about 5:30ish friday and thought I'd stop in but it didn't look promising... and with the turducken in the cooler and cranky kids in the car I figured it was just best to get home.

    I was considering a road trip back to Canmore next weekend and Gourmet Croissant was going to be one of the stops... keep us posted please :)

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    1. re: maplesugar

      Hi Maplesugar,
      My hubby wants to try a turducken this year, I cannot decide if I should make one or buy one...I am wondering how do you like yours from Railway Deli. Is there a difference from Valbella's turducken?
      any info is greatly appreciated!

      1. re: chermaen

        Hi chermaen,

        I haven't tried Valbella sorry, but I can tell you we love the turducken from Railway Deli! We've done turducken twice now and it's been great both times. I sometimes find turkey kinda dry, well the duck pretty much bastes it from the inside out so the turkey is moist every time without having to baste it in butter or what have you. I have to say, after purchase service at RD is great too - they're always more than happy to answer whatever questions you have. I just wish they delivered to Sylvan Lake :)

    2. We were there in July and it was under new owner ship then. They were not able to take debit or credit cards and were pretty much sold out by early afternoon. But they were able to make incredible crepes.

      Are you saying it has new owners again since July 1st? If so, that does not bode well.

      I had hoped to stop in next month when I drive from Calgary to Banff.

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      1. re: mlgagnon

        The couple that ran it up until earlier this summer are moving soon to Houston, Texas to open a new bakery - Houston is very, very lucky!

        The owners in situ have been there since your visit - to be fair I haven't visited the place recently - i will make a trip & report back.

        1. re: graemejw

          Houston?! Pure ick. Why would anybody leave the paradise that's Canmore for the Scheisse-hole of Houston??

          Anyway I think the problem with the new owners isn't the quality but the quantity- on two visits now they've been sold out of almost everything by around noon on a Saturday.

          1. re: John Manzo

            Nice language combination......very inventive.

          2. re: graemejw

            I did go there a few time since the new owner took over and woaw was impressed by the quality of these amazing pastries! and I know what I am talking about as I am european and just moved out here where you rarely find something like this.. so ya, really worth the stop!

            and for those used to chains like Tim H.etc.with 5 people serving you, please notice the concept difference where here, she runs the business alone with her daughter!

            Deliveries are now possible in Calgary for corporate events etc.. just give her a call!

        2. It seems that the Croissant Gourmet is again for sale, if the small garage style "for sale" sign in the window is any indication. The French mother and daughter that run it seemed more than slightly stressed today when I visited. It's a shame because their croissant was pretty amazing, and I enjoyed their quiche. The savoury crepe I sampled was okay. I wanted to try their other pastries, but a man bought them out of danishes. It was only 10:40, so that made me sad.

          It remains to be cash only. I would visit shortly, in case they close in a hurry. :-(

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