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Oct 10, 2008 06:08 PM

Solferino gone

I went over to Solferino this evening and it appears they've gone under. There is a "notice of distress" on the door referencing unpaid rent. Sad. The owner worked hard to make a go of it and tried a lot of different tactics to generate enough business, but I guess it wasn't enough. I'll miss them. :(

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  1. Well,I think if you have that much space and corresponding rent costs in that neck of the need more than ( a very good) gelato bringing in the lion's share of your revenue.

    1. Oh, that makes me sad. It's not like I was a regular, but that was a nice, lazy Saturday treat: a morning shopping/grazing at SLM, peameal sandwich for a very late breakfast, and dessert from Solferino on the way back to the subway before heading home where there are dishes, vacuuming and laundry to be done. A nice little bit of self-indulgent escapism that I will miss.

      1. Sigh, this is very saddening. It was the only place within walking distance to work with a good cold dessert. I actually walked passed it today, but did not notice the sign. The first hint they were in trouble should have been the addition of chili to the menu a while back to try and diversify their offerings. Sad to see it go. Wonder what will pop up in its place? Thanks for the headsup, idnas.

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          Actually, I don't think it had anything to do with their experimentative nature,but rather a lack of clientele in the colder months. I've tried the chili flavours many times and have loved it.

        2. Nooooooooo! It was only this week that I was contemplating heading in for a scoop...I should've done it! (Should've, would've, could've...didn't!) :-(

          1. I wasn't a regular either but was hoping to visit them, being in the area again this past week. The first evening I made it a bit past their closing time of 9pm and thought they only closed for the evening. The next day I went there again, and finally saw the notice at the door. Spent a few moments eyeing all the gelato sitting inside the counter. Sad.