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Oct 10, 2008 06:00 PM

[MSP] Giulia's Gelato in Dinkytown

Has anyone else been to Giulia's Gelato? I stopped in this evening, on my way to the Book House (aka bibliophile heaven), and was very pleased with the grapefruit gelato. What a pleasant addition to the Dinkytown scene!

They have Nathan's hot dogs, too. It strikes me as odd combination, but why not?


P.S. I tried to add a Places link to Guilia's, but the "Link to a place" feature doesn't work. So here's their listing on the Dinkytown web site. But call to double-check hours, as this info doesn't match their take-out menu. (In general, closing times seem to be an hour earlier.)

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  1. Update in case anyone finds this thread in a search:

    Sadly, Giulia's is now closed. No more delicious gelato in Dinkytown. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!

    1. Alas, we never managed to try this place (since this note appeared just after our daughter was born!)... is there anywhere here one can get gelato now? The memories of Gioliti in Rome might have faded enough for us to be willing to try...

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      1. re: mtullius

        I'm not sure what you mean by "here". Fat Lorenzo's at Cedar Ave and the Crosstown has a few flavors available. Ring Mountain in Eagan (near Cliff Rd and 35E) has about 20 flavors of gelato and about 20 ice cream flavors at any given time. Unfortunately Luxury Sweets in Apple Valley which made some very good gelato closed a couple months ago.

        1. re: MSPD

          Sorry, I meant "here" as in, Twin Cities area..... I don't know any of these places, but may have to check them out...

          1. re: mtullius

            cossetta's also sells gelato, i think the blueberry is pretty good, usually. is there still a gelateria in calhoun square? doesn't broder's deli also make gelato?

            fat lorenzo's gelato was actually surprisingly good when i tried it-- i think this place is a lot better than it was when i was growing up at my grandma's house near there. it is a neighborhood, red-sauce eye-talian joint, but seems really popular these days-- i keep meaning to check the food out again. note that fat lorenzo's serves the gelato in these wee little plastic cuppie-things, and you *think* you need a larger size, but the smallest size is more than fine for one person, because they really pile it in there :)

            i will follow this gelato thread, since i ate a fruit-based scoop of gelato every day i was in italy, and would love to find a really good place in msp to satisfy my residual gelato cravings.

            1. re: soupkitten

              The gelato at Fat Lorenzo's is the closest thing that I've found in MN to the gelato I had in Italy. And man, I ate A LOT of gelato in Italy! Fat Lorenzo's also does pints of gelato if you care to bring a pint home. If I can ever find a place in MN that does a Gianduia version (choc-hazelnut) comparable to what I ate in Italy, I think I'd have to move within walking distance so I could eat it every day.

        2. re: mtullius

          Espresso Royal just down the block sells Gelato, I think it might even be from the same supplier Gulia's was. Yes it's sad they closed, they had really good hot dogs but that space was way too big (and I assume rent too high) for a hot dog place. I hope they give it another run somehwere, the owner was pretty personable whenever I stopped in.

          1. re: saintfirky

            oops, Espresso Royal no longer has gelato

        3. There is a place in Midtown Global Market that makes their own Italian Ice and Gelato. I have only tried the Italian Ice but it is very good- love the Grapefruit flavor.

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          1. re: phimoez

            The gelato/custard/Italian ice place in Midtown Global Market is called "Grand Italian Ice". It's across the aisle from Salty Tart and the Mexican candy-and-piƱata booth.

            But has anyone been there recently? They were up and running before Christmas, but today their phone number isn't working. (I dialed the one listed on the Midtown Global Market web site.)

            I hope they're still alive and kicking - they have great stuff, and I need some of their gelato this Sunday!


            1. re: AnneInMpls

              confirmed open (at least as of last sunday) :)