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Oct 10, 2008 05:41 PM

Late night (10:00 pm) in Charlotte NC Monday

Will be in Charlotte, arriving late, looking for good food, wine. Bonterra? Also suggestions for Tuesday dinner.

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  1. After 10, Charlotte has pretty much gone to bed and you are left with Sir Edmund Halley's or The Penguin. I'm serious. If someone knows a place with real food after 10 please let me know because, upon reflection, this is freaking ridiculous.

    Tuesdays are half bottles of wine at Andrew Blairs. Pietown is good for something a little more casual. Customshop for something a little more refined.

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    1. re: avad

      Just realized Cosmos uptown is probably going to fit the bill for after 10 dining. One more option.

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        Seeing your post reminded me that you were going to check out Pie town and post what you found. So what do you think?

        1. re: GodfatherofLunch

          I was underwhelmed. I took the pizza making class under Chef Rheinhart and perhaps he did too good of a job. My homemade pies are better (imo). My crust was soggy and had no snap to it. Perhaps they just had an off night.

      2. I just looked on the Rooster's website and they are open till 11p Mon - Thurs, straight shot from airport.
        The Penguin would be good for late night, if it is your thing- fried pickles, hipsters smoking and drinking. But there isn't much better late night than bad for you fried hand dipped corndogs with yellow mustard.
        or maybe a chain? (aghast) PF Changs.

        Bonterra's owner has a bbq joint, they serve late too. This might be a fun little place.
        Mac's Speedshop on South Blvd. not too far from airport either.

        Tuesday's are the usual suspects on CH, Bonterra, Barrington's, Ratcliffs on the Green, Fig Tree, Carpe Diem

        1. For the finest Italian food and wine try Fiamma. Located on Park Road, they are open till 11PM. Even if visiting from a top restaurant city Fiamma is a gem of a place.