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Oct 10, 2008 04:57 PM

Recommended Izakaya or Yakitori joint in Little Tokyo or Sawtelle? What is the best?

Alright, I have not been to a good Yakitori or Izakaya in a long while and I want to see if there is anything out there that is new to check out that I may have missed. In an ideal world an izakaya that does yakitori is what I want. Please let me now your recs, and what to order!!


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  1. otafuku in gardena is probably your best bet for izakaya + yakitori

    I <3 izayoi in little tokyo for izakaya, and shin sen gumi in gardena for yakitori.

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        That is true; if only they still did yakitori :(

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          "Alright, I have not been to a good Yakitori OR IZAKAYA in a long while and I want to see if there is anything out there that is new to check out that I may have missed." ;-D

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              "In an ideal world an izakaya that does yakitori is what I want." :) Gardena and Torrance are a little far from Weho!! Thanks!!

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                Have you ever tried Raku? It's a Korean owned and influenced "Izakaya" It's in the little mini mall with Johnny's NY pizza and the Shabu Shabu place on the south east corner of Olympic and Barrington, just a few blocks west of Sawtelle.

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                  And I am assuming you have been to Yakitoria and Place Yuu on Sawtelle, and Nanbankan on Santa Monica Blvd. just east of Sawtelle?

    1. Have you tried Izaka-Ya on 3rd Street just east of La Cienega, operated by Katsu-Ya's Katsuya Uechi? Very neighborhood convenient if Weho is where you are.

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        I was there for a meal and it's sort of what you'd expect. Properly executed, but the concepts are pushed more in the direction of Hollywood upper middle class than serious chow hounders. One dish, for example, was a California roll with a vegetable stir fry poured over the top. If there's a more specific audience targeting dish on the planet, I've never heard of it.

      2. There is a new place on Sawtelle that might fit the bill. It just opened very recently. Search this site for J.L.'s review on Robata-ya.

        1. definitely hit izaoyoi in little tokyo

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            hit izayoi in Little Tokyo, now one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Also, for great shabu shabu go to KaGaYa in Honda PLaza.

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              Same re: izayoi; I was just there last night in fact!

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                we came THIS close to being there with you. THIS close.

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                  Any notables you care to share?

                  As of late...

                  - Simmered pork belly
                  - Shrimp stuffed mushrooms (from their "dailies" menu)

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                    i was utterly enamored of the monkfish liver, the miso marinated pork belly and the sauteed mushrooms.

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                      ah yes, it was your review that prompted me to give that place a shot!

                      although I gotta say, the clams were kind of a miss for me. The clams were good and the broth was good....but the broth was waaaay too strong for me. Could not drink :(; also agree with bacon wrapped tomatoes, could have had a crisper skin but i still find them delicious, just not on par with SSG.

                      had broiled sea bass last week, had broiled black cod this week; both delicious :)

                      I'll have to try that monkfish liver next time...

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                        anything else you tried, that I did not, that you loved? the dh is totally in love wioth that place and I am sure we will go again soon.

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                          - Simmered pork belly
                          - Shrimp stuffed mushrooms (from their "dailies" menu)

                          I would get those again, and again, and again...

                          The maitake mushroom tempura was good, but a bit heavy with the batter; the mushrooms themselves were delicious, however. My GF REALLY likes the homemade tofu, and I admit it is pretty damn good.

                          I'm not in love with their agedashi tofu (deep fried tofu in broth), but the mushrooms that come with them are good. Also not in love with their simmered tripe, which comes out as simmered intestines..

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                    i was at Izayoi friday night. i thought it was great. need to go back and try their homemade tofu. we had: spinach with sesame, seaweed salad, miso and sake marinated cod, sardine, monkfish liver (my fav), scallop sushi w/ mayo, uni, and mackerel sushi. all really good. also had a lovely cold sake that i drank too much of.