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Oct 10, 2008 04:50 PM

Best meals I had in Dartmouth/Halifax Region

Jamiesons, in Cole Harbor on Route 207-nothing was even close. The first day we went in for lunch. Had the fish and chips, and carrot and ginger soup. Both were first rate.
We went back the next night to really chow down ahead of Hurricane Kyle. A wonderful house light ale. The GF had the pork tenderloin that tasted as if it was cooked in apples and nuts. Amazingly tender. I ate 1/2 of it, and I'm a vegetarian 99% of the time. I ordered the grilled haddock, bc that's not a fish we ever get fresh in southern Calif. Perfect! The best part of the meal was the just cooked mashed potatoes. Huge portions. If we had been staying any longer nearby, I would have eaten every meal there.
It's in a strip mall, but inside it feels exactly like an Irish pub.

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  1. I really enjoy Jamieson's as well. As you said it doesn't seem like a place you find in a strip mall. My favourite dish is the smoked cod and potato cakes. They are divine. The one thing they could still work on are the desserts. The Bailys/soda bread ice cream is good but the bread pudding is not great.

    1. Just got back after going there based on the these recommendations. Many thanks. Haven't been in the HFX region in a few years and am delighted to find a new spot (for us). I had the pork and it was very good. GF had the seafood chowder and also enjoyed it very much. I stole a piece of her bread to sop up the honey/lemon/thyme sauce with my pork - nothing left on my plate but a lone broccoli floret. Told my GF to go ahead and tilt her bowl to get the last of the chowder. The bread pudding may need work as per moira27 - we didn't try it - but the Warm Dutch Chocolate cake with the caramel rum sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream is more than fine as is. A nicely eclectic and funky decorating job and friendly attentive staff made for very enjoyable evening.

      Thanks again for the recomendation