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Oct 10, 2008 04:47 PM

New cheese shop -tip of Stamford in Pound Ridge

I went via High Ridge and ended in Scotts Corner area I think, it is Called Plum Plums and the cutest shop and excellent selection of cheeses. Very friendly, very informative and you don't feel funny if you get a small piece unlike other places i have been too. The phone number is 914-764-1525. It is s nice drive and they also have some other exotic choices of other goodies.

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  1. very interesting. thanks for sharing.

    isn't plum the name of the cheese shop in Cos Cob too? I'm guessing there's a correlation.

    1. There has been a cheese shop in Scotts Corners for a while. Is this the same place or did it turn over?

      Can anyone compare the new place to the Darien Cheese Shop?

      In the past we found the SC shop to be excellent quality, but Darrien simply blew it away in overall selection, homemade foods, etc.

      1. Plum Plums has been there probably 8-12 months and is in the strip between Chubby's and Charlies. The people who run the small place are as friendly as those in Darien. Jfood went about 5 months ago for some gruyere and was a little disappointed in the variety (the number of those available) of the cheeses versus Darien. The quality was outstanding though and for the price it should be ($28 for the gruyere).

        This store is less than 2 miles from casa jfood and Darien is 15+ minutes and when jfood wants some varieties, he makes the drive to Darien for the sheer volume of choices he has. Likewise some of jfood's "cheese" friends also likes Plums, but they too will go to PR in a pinch. Their comments are that the store has a nice selection, but they can be a little slow in delivery.

        So both have great cheeses, but for a much more varied selection Darien still seems to win out.

        BTW - If you need wine to go with the cheese, the "Wine Connection" has moved down 124 towards New Canaan on the same side of the street as Plums, located in a yellowish stand alone converted house.

        1. plum plums has actually been around for about 3 years....i know because i used to work in pound ridge and can remember when it opened and only had like 8 cheeses to choose from......t(i'm sure they have more now).........the artisinal quality is defiinitely there.......but like the other chowhounders say.....'darien fine foods and cheese' is superior in selection......

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            I think Darien has a bigger variety but bigger isn't always better! I love Darien but they seem to not be very happy to give you smaller amounts with a big smile but defintely nicer than the place in Greenwich, I don't think they are related, I hope not because I and my friends had horrible experiences there with the cheese lady. I like any cheese with truffles and this one had a new variety I never tried and was delicious and reasonably priced.

            1. re: nbermas

              Sorry to have come across this post so late in the game, but you are soooo wrong about the Darien store. I've been talked out of buying in large quantities because of the fact that the cheese will not taste the same over time. They always advise me on buying small quantities just more often. You may have gotten someone on a bad day which wouldn't have been right either.

              1. re: triggs73

                jfood agrees. He has received exceptional service every time he has visited the Darien location. In fact on his last visit they also recommended some wines to go along with. The wines were so good that when jfood served to friends at his next party, the level of inventory at the local wine shops was significantly reduced.

                Likewise one of jfood's friends shops at Darien almost weekly and also raves about it.

                1. re: triggs73

                  I LOVE their selection but I am the only one who eats cheese in the house so I can only buy small portions. But don't get me wrong love the place. I love Plum Plum also.

                  1. re: nbermas

                    That's the point...Darien has no problem with selling small portion to jfood and it appears triggs73 as well. Why do you think they have problems selling small portions to you? How small were the requests? Just seems odd with all of the positive feedback on this place.

                    1. re: jfood

                      Maybe someone had a bad day, but like I said that shouldn't have translated to the customer. I just have good luck with them...knock on wood!

              2. re: southlake

                time flies southlake. never would have guessed three years. thanks for correcting jfood.