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Oct 10, 2008 04:18 PM

Old Montreal Oyster Festival

Los Angeles foodie here, in Montreal for a long weekend. (Love this town).

Was doing some research on places to eat and this Oyster festival caught my eye:

As we're heading into the prime oyster-eating months, thought i'd try out one of these places... Anyone been to any of them? The concierge at the hotel I'm staying at said that Mechant Boeuf and Verses Restaurant are very popular and have great food, and a guest standing right next to me said he went the night before (not sure to which one) and had a great burger.

Anyway, has anyone on this board heard of this festival?

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  1. The restaurants of the Antonopoulos Group are having a promotion and calling it a "festival" again, rather like the "Happening Gourmand" earlier this year.