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Oct 10, 2008 04:15 PM

Mercado Social (the old Maria's)

Just went to what used to be Maria's on 4th and Union and found that it is now called Mercado Social. The place is under at least partially new ownership and they've made some changes. I think we showed up during the "soft opening." A slightly new look, but it's really the menu that's different. The menu at Maria's was pretty huge, but Mercado Social is keeping it simple. At our table, two of us had skirt steak, and two of us had tacos (chicken, steak, and chorizo). Everything was very good. The tortillas (which you can now see them making through a window outside) were particularly delicious. Perhaps the highlight, though, were the drinks. Maria's used to have a blood orange margarita that was really good, but the new owner (who is, apparently, quite a bartender) has revamped the drink and added agave nectar. Not too sweet, very delicious. I think the place is definitely worth a try.

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  1. Story on Gowanus Lounge here: Seems like it is totally new ownership.

    Fingers crossed, another (better) Mexican option in the Slope--look forward to trying it soon!

    1. I had a fairly mediocre meal here Friday night. The regular margarita (rocks/salt) was exceedingly disappointing; it tasted like it had Sprite or something else fake in it. We had the guacamole, which, despite our request for medium spiciness, was very bland, as were the fresh tortillas that came with it. For mains, I had shrimp with pesto sauce and rice, which was fine, and my SO had the chorizo tacos, which were also just ok. Can't say we'll be going back, despite living around the corner.