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Oct 10, 2008 03:09 PM

I am a well reviewed chef in Ogunquit and this is where I like to eat on my time off.

This is just a list of my favorite places locally. If I were asked to recommend places to eat other than my own, this is what I would say:
Finest Restaurant regardless of cost: Arrows, White Barn Inn
Fine Dining at a Value: 98 Provance, Gypsy Sweethearts, Big Fish in Kennebunkport, Joshua's in Wells
Best place to take a date: See Above:
Best Breakfast: Grey Gull Inn, Blueberries, Coles Hill Farm. Maine Diner
Best Bar: Gypsy Sweethearts, Old Village Inn, Big Fish
Best Thai: Me Kong
Best Steak: Big Fish, Prime
Best Late Night Menu: Post Road Tavern
Best Dining with a Water View: Blue Water Inn, Jackie's Too.
Take this list for what it is worth. I am sure I missed places worth mentioning but these are my favorites and where I choose to spend my money and my time off.

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  1. Thanks for the recs. I live in southern Maine and love to hear about good places nearby.

    1. William: Thank you for taking the time to write this message.....
      Your recommendations are appreciated and respected.
      Hope you had a great season.

        1. re: gyppielou

          I can't place Big Fish can someone tell me where it is?

          Chef, thoughts on Cape Arundel?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Great list. What about the Five-O? Had some great meals in the past but haven't been there recently.