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Oct 10, 2008 02:42 PM

Via Verde in Ballard?

Has anyone tried Via Verde in Ballard - the place that opened up where the Market Street Grill used to be? Any reviews would be appreciated!

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  1. I've been twice about 2 months ago, both times for take out. The first time we had a couple pizzas and a chicken wing app. The wings were excellent with a crust that contained cinnamon (if I recall correctly). The pizza crust wasn't quite as crispy as I would have expected from a woodfired oven, but I chalked this up to spend some time in a box in order ot get it home. The second time we ordered the same wings, a rib special (cinnamonish again), and a sandwich for take out. They absolutely destroyed the wings and the ribs by cooking them in the fryer for way too long (leathery). The crust was still there, but they weren't really edible. But we ate them anyway because they forget to give me my sandwich and I couldn't stand to take a totally loss on the deal. I cannot decide if I will give them another chance.

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      WHOA! They put the ribs in the fryer?!?!?

      1. I really wanted to like this place, always looking for tasty pizza. maybe the day we went was just a bad day, but we haven't been back. no one had the time of day for us after we sat down. everyone kept going to a table near the back, sitting down, eating and having some wine (owner's family table?) which normally wouldn't bother me, but when we've seen 3 parties get up and leave for lack of service it gets kind of frustrating. wings and ribs (as BF said) seemed to be precooked and then thrown into a fryer? some were extremely overcooked and barely chewable and then others looked done but were ice cold on the inside? we also ordered the margherita pizza, it came just tomato sauce and cheese (melted, pre-shredded). which would be fine if i wanted a cheese pizza, but i had a craving for the nice fresh basil. i asked if i could get a little basil for the top and they said they didn't have any. we never got our drinks, but we hurried up, paid the bill, and went for ice cream on the way home since we were still hungry.

        1. I finally got my act together and my SO and I have dined there twice now. In general, I like the place. Their pizzas are good (I had the margarita and the via verde one, both good, but the margarita was better). The crust isn't really crispy, but I think it has a good flavor and nice chewy texture. The toppings are also tasty. We also had a spinach salad and I was happy that the salad was huge, tasty and fresh. The two things that were terrible were the wings (the "spicy" style) which were like the frozen ones you can buy at the supermarket, and the ribeye. We used to go to the Market Street Grill for their steak frites, which were excellent (nice steak, good fries and truffle oil - YUM) so SO decided to try the ribeye at ViaV, which came with two sides (pasta, veg or fries) but he subbed a side salad and fries. The salad was nice but the fries were frozen crinkle cut fries. The steak was really thin and tough and for $18, we'll never order it again. In all, I'd keep going but I'd only order pizza and salads, except to try the pasta since I haven't tried it yet.

          I am worried about them, though. They never seem very busy and have included more and more discounts - they have two happy hours, lunch specials (pizza and salad for $5!) and some 25% discount for afternoon meals, I think.

          1. NEVER EAT HERE!!! First, there were BUGS IN THE SALAD. Second, not only did they still make us pay for the bug salads, but they charged us for more expensive salads than we even ordered and REFUSED to charge us correctly or take the salads off the bill.
            In addition to these unacceptable incidents, the waiter was forgetful, gave us the wrong salads with the wrong dressing, and the manager gave us attitude when we tried to tell her about the mishaps. I will never eat there again, and I recommend that you don’t either.