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Oct 10, 2008 02:37 PM

Pizza & Burgers - Seattle

I have friends coming in for the weekend and they want to know the best places for pizza and burgers. He is a gourmand who has his own high end restaurant but is always on the lookout for the best foods in different places, this weekend it is burgers and pizza. Suggestions?

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  1. Search the board and you'll find many suggestion type threads.

    For burgers I'd have to suggest the Lunchbox Laboratory. I think they may have the best bugers that I've ever had. I took 3 people there last week and we ended up with Dork (duck/pork), ground filet, and regular beef burgers. Probably 14 types of cheese and 40 condiments to choose from if you don't get pulled into one of the specials.

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      I haven't been to LunchLab yet (hard to get to Ballard at lunchtime!) but I hear it's fantastic!

      For upscale burgers, I like Quinn's a lot, but I know there are mixed feelings here about the burgers. I also like the ones at Palace Kitchen. Both are fun restaurants to go to, but I don't think either takes reservations, and both get very busy.

      I don't know any good hole-in-the-wall cheap burger places in Seattle. In the mid-range, I like King's Hardware in Ballard (also a cool place) though the burgers are not really any more special than what could be had elsewhere.

      For Pizza...maybe Serious Pie would be a good choice? A little overpriced and very busy unless you go early...pairs well with a movie at Cinerama.

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        You know Lunchbox Lab is open all the time and not just at lunch right?

        If your buddy likes out of the way, surprising places, I've been a big fan of Last Chance Chili Shack's burger. It's in a dive-y area of town toward Georgetown. I'd put it in my top sleeper picks for great burgers.

        (they also do great chili over mac & cheese)

    2. i second the serious pie reco. the pizza is awesome, it's got a nice atmosphere and a great selection of beer.

      1. I love the lamb burger at Cafe Campagne, and one of my favorite beef burgers this year was at Queen City Grill. House ground meat. I liked it slightly more than the one at Palace. The best sliders I've had were on the appetizer menu at Stumbling Goat Bistro on Phinney Ridge.

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        1. re: zoogrrrl

          the lamb burger at 94 Stewart
          steak sliders at Ama-Ama, pork belly sliders at Spur
          deep dish pizza mail ordered from Lou Malnati's in Chicago (just had one tonight, mmm)

        2. Pizza: Tutta Bella. IMO, Serious Pie is seriously Pretentious & overpriced Pizza.

          1. Via Tribunali (at least the Capitol Hill location) is the only pizza I go out for in Seattle.

            Serious Pie started promising but kinda ran off the rails for me. My last few pizzas there were mediocre - edible, but they should have been much better for the money.

            Tutta Bella is pretty good and convenient, but I've never had a pie in the dozens I've tried at all three of their locations that matched anything I've had at Via Trib.