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Oct 10, 2008 02:29 PM

best italian sub nashua

craving an italian sub. where in nashua can i get a really good one?

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  1. "The Esposito" at the Nashua Garden on Main Street. Best subs I've found in my many years of living in NH. It's huge, cheap, and has excellent quality bread, meats and vegetables. View the menu here:

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      I should add, w/ oil and vinegar, or else you'll screw it all up.

      1. re: bigduddyd

        I second the recommendation for the Nashua Garden. I loved going there for lunch when I worked in downtown Nashua. And you can grab a nice cold beer there too, if you are so inclined!

    2. Thanks! I love Nashua Garden but always get their cranberry walnut chicken salad...never tried the Italian. Will have to give it a go!