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Oct 10, 2008 02:20 PM

Vote: Do we need a separate San Diego Board?


Yes, the vast majority of posts here are about San Diego. They have earned a separate board. The posts about other places in California get lost in the volume of San Diego posts. How about it Chowhound?

    1. I initially thought so- a few years back I even inquired about it- I was told it was about touching "area codes" or some such reason; At any rate, San Diego certainly has enough activity to warrant a separate area. I tend to only look for Central Coast area stuff, and get lost in all the SD posts (not that I don't enjoy them.) However, if San Diego was separated, the rest of the California posts would be few and far between.

      Austin, for some reason, has its own category. Rather interesting since the bulk of restaurant activity is in Houston and Dallas - these cities fall into the general 'Texas' category.

      Good luck with getting a separate category for SD- it does make sense (perhaps an L.A./San Diego and inbetween board- but that hasn't flied before.

      orangecat (born in SD)

      1. If you look at the other metro areas that have their own board, they appear to be very large. I would like to have a standalone SD board but, I don't think SD has enough posting activity and a spance of restaurants to be on it's own.

        1. Yes, San Diego needs it's own board.