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Oct 10, 2008 12:29 PM

The Draught Horse near Temple

I graduated from Temple a few years ago and the Draught Horse was always a go-to bar for my friends and I, and definitely one of the cheapest in Philadelphia that I had experienced.

Fast forward to now - and me visiting w/some old friends to relive memories. WOW has the place changed. The new chef apparently put a lot of thought into the menu because it is now so much more than standard bar food. You can, of course, still get wings and burgers, but they also have a tuna nicoise salad, the special that night was a grilled chicken wrap with feta, arugula, and tomatoes (YUM!) and, the best part of all .... they kept the booze cheap! Happy hour is still 4-7, with dollar High Lifes. They also added a ton of good beer on tap, like Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA and Magic Hat Circus Boy. Definitely not your typical college bar anymore, and I'm surprised at how impressed I was.

If you find yourself looking for a drink after an event at the Liacouras Center, or happen to be in the Temple area for any other reason, definitely check the place out.

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  1. I've only had the chicken fingers, but they were some of the most unspectacular I've ever had the misfortune of trying--bland, small, but on the up side they were crispy. The fries on the other hand were soggy and abundant, which is on par with how the fries were before the wall was put up.

    In addition, aside from specials, the drinks are more highly priced than many places in center city. Honestly, you're better off going somewhere else.

    1. Wow I was surprised to see this post on here. I went there a few times when I was in law school, and it was the typical college bar. Cheap beer and standard subpar bar fare.

      But what I remember most was the god-awful service! I waited forever to get beers at that bar, even after leaving great tips. I didn't realize pouring from a tap or opening a bottle was such rocket science, especially in a place that was half empty!