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Oct 10, 2008 12:28 PM

Birthday Party - Pig Roast - Toronto

Are there any caterers in Toronto who will do a pig roast for a private party? I'm guesing for 50 - 75 people. It's for a 50th birthday and might be at a house or a rented venue. Either in Toronto or an hour north of Toronto. I'm just really in the preliminary planning stages & would apprecaite any suggestions on caterers or even venues.
Thank You

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  1. There are many places that will sell a fully cooked roast pig. That way you do not have to tend the fire for 8hours... Get one that has been cooked, get a big commercial bbq and lay it on top to heat it up.. I am sure any cateerer could arrange all of this and serve it and all the extras you need for you..

    1. Rotisserie To Go did my brother's wedding last month. It was absolutely delish. They roast the pig and other meats (beef roast, whole chickens) on site in their mobile bbq. Really fun to watch and even more fun to eat. Really nice peeps too. I think it worked out to about $19.00 per person. This included the pig, beef, chicken, rolls, veggies, potatoes, cutlery, plates and condiments. Basically everything you need.

      Highly recommended.

      Can't suggest a venue, my brother's was in a gazebo. Probably too cold for your party.

      1. Ted Reader's catering company will do a pig roast...I've never used them but at least he is pretty well known.

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          I ended up using enVille catering in Toronto who does all the Ted Reader's stuff. It was great and I'd highly recommend them. The food was outstanding for an outdoor BBQ with lots of people

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          1. Hola! I went to a pig roast in Royal York and it was fantastic! It was an experience! It was all handled expertly by the wonderful Peter + Diane Finch of The Great Canadian Pig Roast ( - I know it's late for the original poster, but hopefully this info will help anyone looking to have a pig roast in the future!