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Oct 10, 2008 12:21 PM

City Crab Tonight-Thoughts?

Going to City Crab tonight. I hear mixed reviews. Thoughts?

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  1. Meh...I've been a bunch of times just because it's nearby and each time I say it will be my last. The food just isn't very good for the price you pay. If you want some really good seafood I suggest going to Pearl Oyster Bar or Aquagrill. Both are much better for the same price imo. Is there a reason you choose this place? Location? BLT Fish is nearby which could be a better chocie.

    1. in 10+ years of paying attention I've never heard anything good. It's one of those places that I continue to be astounded is still in business.

      1. the choice was bc of location. i want seafood so my dad suggested it, i was shocked. blt fish is good but pricey. pearl and aquagrill out of way. lots of good spots i would have chosen. he knocked my italian ideas. fingers crossed. going with family, 6 of us. he picked it and he is paying so if it sucks only him to blaim. i'm hoping i like it. the global head of my company from europe loves it.

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          If you want to stay in the area, Blue Water Grill (Union Square) is a better choice for seafood than City Crab.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            City Crab is not good. Blue Water Grill way better, Dock's is way better. Acqua Grill way way better.

        2. I have been to City Crab and will never be back - it was bad enough for me not to give it a second try. Either Blue Water Grill or BLT Fish would be great alternatives.

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          1. re: Nikki NYC

            City Crab is pretty much the same as any of the seafood shacks you would find on you drive down to maryland and Delaware except the prices are triple and the quality is much worse. Stick with the clam chowder and crabcakes they are the least offensive.

          2. I never had a good meal there. a bit commercial if you ask me.