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Oct 10, 2008 12:20 PM

Sunday Dinner in New Hope

Hey All Knowing Hounds ~ DH and I are taking a relaxing drive Sunday afternoon to New Hope. I have searched the board and do not see any real recent recs for restos in NH. We have been to Karla's, Logan Inn, Marsha Brown, Mansion Inn, Mother's. We would really like to try a new spot. We are not opposed to crossing the bridge either.

We like all food categories and I would prefer a spot with a decent list of wines by the glass. Please help!

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  1. Wow the silence is deafening. I hope everyone is just busy or something and that there really is a nice place for crazyspice to eat in New Hope or Lambertville area. Let us know how your Sunday dinner ended up anyway.

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      Thanks for your support! I noticed the past few days the board has been really quiet. We have reservations at 90 Main. The reviews have been decent so we shall see.

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        I'd be interested in hearing about 90 Main. I haven't eaten there in a while. BF and I would drive over to 90 Main for their Calamari salad, though they started using frozen pre-fab stuff that resulted in us being disapointed.

        Anyway, I'm writing as I recently had dinner at No. 9, which is right over the bridge in Lambertville. It's pretty small, and a tiny BYOB, ( there are 2-3 liquor/wine stores on the little block) with maybe 15 tables. The menu itself is small, too. I counted 6 appetizers (which included some salad choices) and 6 entrees. They had a couple more specials to add. I had the baked tilapia, which was the best I ever had and my friend had the beef short ribs, which were also wonderful. We did have an appetizer of sauteed calamari, which was good, though I've had better.

        After this experience of FINALLY crossing the bridge, I can't wait to try other places in the Lambertville area. In my opinion, there aren't any real stand out restaurants in New Hope, though I think Lambertville has just what I'm looking for. I just wish it were a bit closer!

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          After waiting to be seated for an unbelievable amount of time, then waiting an even more unbelievable amount of time for a glass of wine, we walked out without ever seeing our server. We went across the street to Karla's and had decent food with deplorable service. We really have no desire to head back to New Hope for a while. I will go to Lambertville and check out the choices there. thanks for the post.

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            Ouch crazyspice. Good for you for leaving the first place though. Sounds like a person could starve to death in New Hope. Maybe the monday morning posts will yield something positive, although too late to save sunday night entirely. Lambertville sounds like a fun place to explore. Gotta love the Jersey liquor laws compared to stodgy Pa. Sorry I couldn't help, last time I was in that area I went to the Candlewyck in Buckingham but I have a deep emotional attachment to that place and I am very much in awe that it has frozen in time for me. Well, except the prices of course!

            1. re: givemecarbs

              The only state in the country with worse liquor laws than PA is Utah! We passed Candlewyck on the way up yesterday. What is that place like?

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                Candlewyck is an old local restaurant, with reasonably priced diner/comfort food. Meatloaf special on Mondays, Roast Turkey on Tuesdays, Fish and Chips on Friday. They also make a good tomato bisque served in a croque with melted cheese on top. Its the kind of place where the waitresses call you hon, and they remember your name and what you drink.

                Surprisingly the beer selection is not bad. Its no Isaac Newton's but they have Stella, Victory, Smithwycks, Harp, Bass, Sam Adams, Magic Hat, and O'hara's on tap, and a bottle selection of at least 200 different beers in the back cooler.

                Atmosphere has gotten a lot better there, (literally) after the no smoking law. And then there is the large fish over the fireplace... Its a local place. Its the place where people in the food service business come after they finish work. Its friendly, and cheap.

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                  Thanks! It sounds like a nice, relaxing and comfortable place to meet up with friends. We will definitely check it out.

    2. Hi crazyspice, sorry I am too late in replying to your inquiry. I live near New Hope and work in Lambertville. I'm not crazy about most of the restaurants in New Hope. Even Marsha Brown -- the prices just turn me off. The only ones I would have suggested would have been Tastebuds or the Inn at Phillips Mill, both BYOB's. In Lambertville (walking distance across the bridge), I really like Hamilton's Grill Room (BYOB) which is also right next to the coziest little bar called the Boathouse. I haven't tried No. 9 yet but have heard GREAT things about it. I think Lilly's on the Canal is always tasty but have only tried it for lunch. Bell's Tavern is great too.

      Next time, come to Lambertville! :)

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        There is no debate on that! We will come up to Lambertville on the next nice weekend. Thanks for the recs.

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          I love the boathouse! It's kind of like your neighbor made a bar in their garage. What a great little place- with good drinks!

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            Next time we are headed for Lambertville!

          2. re: sadiefox

            Have you, or anyone else on the board, been to the Inn at Phillips Mill lately? I was wondering if it is still as good as I remember.

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              I haven't, but I have some (vegetarian) friends who go there often and love it. I've heard some mixed reviews lately on this board, but I can't personally say if they are true.

          3. Sorry to be tardy but wanted to weigh in with a recommendation for Tastebuds in New Hope. BYOB so you'll need to bring your own but I believe that's what help keeps the prices down. Always a good meal, always a freindly greeting and wonderful, unobtrusive service. The menu changes seasonally and is creative without being over the top. The mussels when we went last Sunday were perfectly cooked and seasoned. In the winter there's a room with a fireplace and it's so cozy. If you haven't been there, treat yourself!