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Oct 10, 2008 12:15 PM

Dinner on McGill/St. Paul - Wilson, Vauvert, Holder, Stash, Gandhi, or other?

Hi again,

I was wondering what you fellow boardies would recommend for a memorable dining experience on the McGill/St.Paul near McGill strip on a Saturday night?

We're hosting some relatives from the U.S. whose ages range from mid-20s to mid-50s and whose palettes range from adventurous to not-so-adventurous, and the plan would be to eat somewhere that at once has a memorable atmosphere and an innovative, tasty menu. We're planning the walk-around-the-Old-Port and then Casino thing, hence the choice of locale on McGill/St. Paul.

I've been to Vauvert and quite enjoyed it, so I know what I'd be getting there. Many of the other spots in the area, though, would be new to me, so I'm wondering if any of them get the thumbs-up or avoid-at-all-costs judgment from you.

Wilson seems interesting, especially with the supposed addition of chef David Adjey to their kitchen (has this happened?). L'Appartement looks promising, and I've heard good things about Boris Bistro and Holder, though I've only seen those spots by day/at lunch. On St. Paul, I know Stash and Gandhi are both reliable, though I'm not sure our party will be totally on board for Polish or Indian cuisine.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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  1. I haven't been to the others, but I have thoroughly enjoyed Holder. I really love the boisterous atmosphere there. There's just something about those high ceilings that lends something to the acoustics, I guess. My boyfriend had a short rib dish there that was out of this world, and I remember really liking crème brulée trilogy.

    1. David Adjey has been hired by the Wilson restaurant, as a consultant to help develop their new menu(that's what David is doing mostly these days).

      1. Skip Boris Bistro - lovely atmosphere on the terrace (which is likely closed now) but truly ordinary food. Don't know if Wilson has improved, but early reviews were pretty negative. A few blocks west of your area is da Emma, which might be an interesting option as well.

        1. L'Orignal - cozy decor, interesting food, lots of fun
          Holder - yummy but noisy
          Méchant Boeuf - fun place, good music (usually classic rock)

          I also like Stash and Gandhi.

          NOT Boris or Appartement!
          And not Wilson unless you like being stared at blankly upon ordering a gin tonic.

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            I've tried Holder twice and it's now scratched off my list; oversalted meat and fish at dinner, toast brought 20 minutes after the omelettes at brunch. Vallières has proven to be a more consistent place with service and quality, although it's more casual.

          2. Is Graziella in that area? I went there a couple of weeks ago and everyone loved it. It was an excellent dinner with fine wines. We had 2 wines: La Rasina and Montesecundo. They were both excellent. I tasted almost everyone's plate and everything was excellent.