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Oct 10, 2008 12:03 PM

rec. places for student who likes to eat alone....

I'm new to Halifax and a student at SMU.
i like to occasionally eat out alone. (and i don't really mind splurging a little on food either because that's really all that i spend my money on)
but i'm not familiar with many eating places that are good for eating alone. (and perhaps also reading a book while eating). i understand that it's OK to eat alone in any restaurant. but for many, the atmosphere isn't 'right' for dining alone...
i've found that uncommon grounds is excellent. i'm also thinking of trying out Doraku as they offer wireless. South End Diner looks interesting...but i've always found such places a little intimidating
i'm up for any type of food. but would prefer places that are within an hour's walk away from my school. but if it's really extremely good, i'm willing to travel further!
Or, if you have good recommendations for places that does good take-outs, i'm willing to try that too.
thank you!

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  1. The first place I thought of when I read your post was The Hungry Chilli on Blowers Street. Really good and inexpensive Asian food. I have eaten there solo many times. Years ago I used to be a regular eating at the bar at the Cellar on Brenton, but I believe it is either already closed or will be shortly as the building is being demolished. I remain a fan of Peter's Pizzeria on Inglis for traditional, unpretentious, good pizza, but that really isn't eat-in. ChaBaa on Queen has the best Thai food I've ever had and the place is big enough and unpretentious, so I'm sure that you'd feel comfortable as a single. Italian Gourmet on Doyle used to have really good food and was great for a single person but I think they have declined of late. Tom's across the street has pretty good food for a bar. If you want to splurge, the bar downstairs at Seven can accommodate a single and I think they offer their menu at the bar. The same may hold true for Onyx. For some of the best Meditteranean food in town, Tareks on Robie near Young is worth hopping on the bus and while it has zero dining room ambience, the atmosphere in the place is entertaining. For that matter, visit the Midtown for a cheeseburger before they close for good next year. Both places are fine for a single.

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    1. re: Greg B

      I read this and all I could think was "The Cellar is closing??" Thats too bad, it was always a great "neigborhood" restaurant....
      Then I read further.....THE MIDTOWN is closing????
      I've gotta get to Haifax more often!

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        I'm a student who dines alone too, and I've always found Chives (on Barrington St not far from SMU) to be a good place for excellent food. It was recently voted 'best place to dine alone' in the Coast. I second many of Greg's recommendations above. Onyx on a Friday or Saturday night may feel a bit uncomfortable if you're by yourself at a table, but not at the bar. The food is very good. Tarek's is delicious and cheap. A couple of newer places; Amano at Bishop's Landing, specializes in pizza and pastas (same owners as BISH and Il Mercato, all good). Brooklyn Warehouse at Almon and Windsor across from the Forum, which is a lengthy walk from downtown, but there'd be frequent bus service along Oxford St. And Cut Urban Grill next to the Brewery Market, very good for dining alone and pretty good food. I've heard the Steakhouse upstairs is good, but very expensive. Ray Bear has recently opened a new restaurant on Barrington where the old "Y" building used to be; haven't tried it yet, but I expect it will be good, and very pricey.

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          I have subsequently learned that the building where the Cellar is will not be demolished, so the restaurant will live on.

      2. 1. Tarboosh (Fenwick St.)- City famous Lebanese
        2. My Brother Darryl's (Fenwick St.) - Hot Pitas & their famous Darryl Fries
        3. Rani's Curry (Green St.) - Carribean

        All would be fine for the solo diner and well-priced at less than $15.

        1. China Classic (6311 Quinpool, near Oxford) has an amazing stuffed eggplant (prawns inside) with black bean sauce. I am slightly addicted to it. And I would feel entirely comfortable there by myself.

          If you hop on the #1 to Dartmouth and get off at the bus loop just over the MacDonald Bridge there is an amazing Vietnamese place just down the street, Pho Hoang Minh (172 Wyse Rd, Dartmouth). Their Pho is really delicious.

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            I've always liked Vinnies on Inglis.Great food,great prices,great location for students.I haven't been for awhile,hopefully it's still open and as good as I remember.

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              I know what you mean about dining alone. One of the best I find is Taj Mahal. They have circular booths with rather high edges so you can hide a little. The food is also amazing there. I don't know why people are recommending chives for this. It is very uncomfortable for eating alone. You can only really sit at awkward little tables surrounded in plain view by groups and couples.