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Oct 10, 2008 11:35 AM

Upper West Side Steak House

Are there any good steak houses on UWS?

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  1. It's certainly not on par with Luger's but DH and I have enjoyed Roth's (93rd & Columbus). They have pretty traditional sides. They have a nice outdoor space and on the weekends they usually have a live jazz band. We've been more recently for brunch which was excellent.

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      Although I have not yet tried it, La Rural on W97th and Amsterdam seems to get consistently great reviews . It is an Argentinean steakhouse .

    2. Your best bet for steaks might be at a restaurant that serves steak rather than a steakhouse proper:

      Compass has sirloin and petite fillet mignon
      Ouest has a very good Black Angus strip steak.
      81 has Black Angus fillet mignon

      All of these places serve the steaks simply grilled.

      1. For a latin steak, I LOVE Pampa on Amsterdam. The garlic fries are fabulous and the steaks are amazing too.

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          Do you mean the place that was on Amsterdam around 97/98? That's been gone for a while. It became La Rural (see nativeNYer's post above).

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            I second La Rural! Love that place!!!!

          2. Porter House is the only true steakhouse near the UWS that is worthy of any mention.