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Ontario honey

Does anybody have a favourite source for Ontario honey? I'm not looking for any particular kind, just wondering what's out there to try and where I could find it.

Board's Honey from Restoule is one of my favourites, though I haven't found it in Toronto (other than at the Royal Winter Fair some years).

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  1. I've seen Bee's Universe raw Ontario honey sold at farrmers' markets like The Brickworks (on Saturday) and Riverdale (on Tuesdays). I believe the beekeepers are from Innisfil.

    1. Munro Honey is produced midway between London, Sarnia, and Chatham, from clover.
      The traditional creamed honey uses a fine grain (starter) unique to them since 1950.
      If you order online, ask for extra white or better (grade) creamed honey.

      1. Campbell's Honey House just outside Warkworth sells several varieties of their own honey from their hives set up around the Rice Lake region. Bring your own containers or use theirs. The honey is $2.50 a pound and very yummy!

        1. Toronto Life has written about the honey shop at 100 Steeles West, in that crescent called "Yorkville North". No fancy preparations, but it's "homemade".

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            I think this is the best place to buy honey in Toronto. It is worth the drive. I like the Kasha (buckwheat ) honey for honey cake.
            Great variety of choice.

          2. Not sure of the name or if he's still there (End of season you know) but there's a guy at the Newmarket farmers market that sells honey. It's excellent. The best honey I've ever had.
            He has his hives up that way and does it all himself.


            1. Kill 3 birds with one stone. (1) Take Airport Rd. north to see the turning of the leaves.
              (2) Jog over to #10 once the leaves have dropped and keep heading north to Chatsworth (just south of Owen Sound). Chatsworth Honey is the best. I've never found anything that comes close, having tried every honey sold in Toronto every time my Chatsworth hoard runs dry. I've been making pilgrimages since 1974. This year's summer harvest has been pailed. Look them up on the web and check hours before you go.
              (3) Then head over to (just west of ) Meaford and have dinner at Ted's Roadhouse Diner. Look them up on the web for directions. Everything is superb!

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                Oh that does sound like a great trip!

                Thanks to all for the suggestions.

              2. there is a beekeeper in the erin mills parkway and qew area of mississauga, the guy was pretty old so i dont know if he is still doing it - tag on the my honey container i have says number is 905-823-7195

                1. The 2009 season has been ideal for Ontario clover honey. Intermittent rain and sun provided the best conditions for sweet clover, white dutch, and trefoil. In addition, many communities have stopped using herbicides, so the clover thrives in parks.

                  What you should look for is the Extra White Grade, or even Water White if available.
                  Standard White No. 1 grade , like Billy Bee, can be mixed with darker weed honey or imports.

                  1. I don't know, maybe it's just my tastes, but I keep buying Ontario honey with the hopes that I'll actually like it, but always seems too "thin" tasting for me. There's just not enough of that richness and flavour that I enjoy with a Greek or French honey.

                    I keep buying the Ontario honey basically just to support the local industry, but it's never my favourite.

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                      If you are ever at the St Jacob's Farmers Market there is a guy there selling local honey. He has a number of varieties and some are quite flavourful. He gives tastes of all of his products, but in other years his dandelion has been my favourite.

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                        There is a broad range in Ontario honey, but buying a standard white or golden grade will not show much variety.
                        The most exclusive, and hardest to find is water white from the lightest clovers.
                        This is the riesling of honeys, and we do produce it in good years. If you can't find it, try Presidents Choice organic clover honey from the Peace River. Better than anything by Billy Bee.

                        Ontario produces good quality white and golden honeys. Most apiarists will blend clover honey with some weed honey (dandelion and goldenrod) to meet a white no. 1 standard. This may be too bland for people used to distinctive honeys from Greece, Provence, Oz, or Florida. If that is you, avoid Ont. golden or white No. 1. And especially, avoid Billy Bee, which is blended with the cheapest foreign imports they can find.

                        Instead look for Ontario buckwheat honey. Dark and rich, and great on toast.
                        Burkes sells it from Buckhorn Ontario.

                      2. Carrot Common sells Ontario honey (can't remember the producer) in bulk. I have tried it and it is pretty good!

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                          may seem like an odd source but zellers (at least the one at vic park and danforth) stocks about 5 varieties of Burke's honey.

                          so far as i can tell all of these varieties are from ontario or at least canadian

                          highland farms also stocks burke's honey

                          bzzzz bzzzz bzzzzz

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                            Burke's is in all Bulk Barns.

                            Frankly, I think they are too widespread, and perhaps mixing foreign honey into to the jars or cans.