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Oct 10, 2008 10:16 AM

Madaleine Mae--UWS (brief review)

I ate at Madaleine Mae's the other night. I had such high hopes for this simple menu presented. Upon sitting, we were served 2 pieces of cornbread and a single biscuit for the 2 of us. The cornbread was unremarkable, the biscuit was below average in that it was a bit hard. We each had the $17 pan fried chicken. It came with "rhum mashed potatoes" and a sprinkling of seasoned watercress. I also had one of the rum concotions called a Rhum Cure--$10 in an elongated 1/2 full shot glass. Sadly, I was unimpressed with the food. While the chicken was crisp and well fried (a tad dry though), it simply lacked any whatsoever flavor. Fried chicken can be many things, floavorless isn't on the list. I failed to taste even a hint of rum in sweet potatoes--none could have been there IMO. I make this all the time at home and you can always taste a dash of Myer's or bourbon if truly if added to sweet potatoes in any discernable proportion. The Rhum Cure was strong and nicely spiced--it was the only mildly interesting thing I had there. There's a list of about 10 Rhum Cures on the menu--70% of them were "sold out". The service was good I should mention. Sadly, I would only return to this place for drinks--no food please.

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  1. Thanks! You just saved me a wasted dinner!!! I was suppose to go there for dinner on Sunday....:)

    1. Sorry about your experience. I ate here a couple of months ago with some friends (not my choice), and boy, was it bad. I got the impression that either the management/ownership was in transition, or there was a new cook in the kitchen, because there were various unavailable items on the already-limited menu, and what they did manage to bring out of the kitchen was not worth the calories, never mind the $. Dry cornbread, way salty pulled pork, cold fish tacos (with sour cream and guacamole?) and inedible mashed sweet potato. They were out of the only dessert that really appealed to any of us- I can't recall what it was. Needless to say, I don't recommend it!