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I have not been to Lilette since before Katrina. How is it? Any recommendations? Thinking of going there for a special anniversary. Thanks!

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  1. Still excellent. My last meal there I had the gnocchi, veal cheek salad and hangar steak. Awesome!

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      I second BayouTeche. They have a poached pear dessert that is worth the trip all by itself.

    2. ditto...my lunch was perfection:
      Braised veal cheeks with mixed greens and horseradish vinaigrette

      Braised pork belly with tomato-cucumber-basil salad and garlic bread

      Coq au vin with mushrooms, red wine, bacon and croutons

      Quenelles of goats cheese crème fraiche with poached pears, pistachios, and lavender honey

      1. I have had dreams about the mushroom toast

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          I just went for the first time and the food was excellent. We had the mussels,heirloom tomato salad, trout special, tuna, and hangar steak. Ask for a booth.

        2. Haven't been there in one year (on my last trip to New Orleans), but we had an excellent meal, and plan on returning next month.

          1. The only real knock I've heard about Lilette is that the restaurant's menu hasn't really changed since before Katrina. Not 100% accurate, but there's some justification. The thing is, the menu as it exists is popular for a reason. There's not really a weak link.

            I dig the place, personally, but I do wish he'd throw a few curves at some point.

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              I sort of feel like (food-wise) there's no reason to go to Lilette when Iris exists. I like Lilette enough, and the atmosphere is very different, but at the price point and for French-Italian style food (with maybe a few Asian hints), I'm sticking with Iris all the way.

            2. so so so so so good. i was just there a week ago and it was one of the best meals i've had all year - and that's saying a lot since i spent the summer in new york eating out all the time. i went with a friend and we shared almost everything, so i tasted: the beef short ribs, the mushroom toast, and eggplant/mozzarella appetizer, the chicken broth with egg, the duck confit, and a special desert - fennel shortbread with panna cotta. my friend had fish, which i didn't try. the broth/egg and the eggplant appetizer were good, but not outstanding. the rest was AMAZING. the short ribs, the mushroom toast, and the duck confit, in particular, were "please stop talking to me because i have to close my eyes to fully experience this taste" good. i highly highly recommend!

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                We went this past weekend. It was sooooo good. I had the mushroom, truffle toast---so good. Then I had the sauteed speckled trout, a special. Also, very good and two others at the table had it too. Others at the table had the eggplant appetizer, beef short ribs, and the gnocchi. All were enjoyed. I do not remember what the other 2 had. I think a salad and a soup. For entrees, 2 had the hanger steak with fries and marrow bordelaise. That was so good. Another had the cod, and enjoyed it too. We had desserts, the pear and goat cheese, a winner! And the nutella was enjoyed by a few others. Great meal. We will return!

              2. The first and last time I went there the food was fantastic, but the service was pretencious and terrible. Unfortunately I would love to go back, but having been a server for years in my previous life I can't tolerate servers that treat guests a certain way.