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Oct 10, 2008 09:37 AM

East Bay Ice Cream Parlors?

What other real ice cream parlors exist besides Fentons? I've never really been a fan of Fentons. Bonus points if you have a good suggestion in Contra Costa. It doesn't need to offer food, just great sundaes and shakes.

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  1. Are you looking for old school type places? Just wondering because there's a bunch of new-age, chic, cool ice cream places in Berkeley and Oakland.

    Best old school place I know of is the shop part of Burger Depot on Solano (near San Pablo). It's small, mom and pop and locals seem to really like it. Very old fashion after school type place. That said, I'm not sure I'd call it a destination type place. Perfect neighborhood spot however.

    In Oakland, there's also Dreyers, part of their HQ. As one would expect, it's nice, clean, lots of flavors but it's not so much a kids place a la Fenton's.

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    1. re: ML8000

      I'd entertain anything, but I was thinking of more of an old school place. Most importantly they need to be able to follow my seemingly simple directions/request to make a chocolate milkshake. One would think requesting a choco shake made with choco ice cream and NO additional choco syrup would be simple enough. Based on past experience this seems to be an alien request.

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        Val's makes a good milkshake.. pretty good burgers. But it's in Castro Valley/Hayward

    2. Tucker's on Park St in Alameda. Old-school. I've had good ice cream but never tried the shakes.

      Loard's in Alameda. Haven't been there but it gets good reviews.

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      1. re: Louise

        Second Tucker's. Better ice cream than Loard's, and more parlor-y.

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          Forget Loard's; it's too aggravating -- the teenage staff scooping is much more scattered than Tucker's staff.

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        1. Loards also has branches in Orinda and Moraga. They are typical old time parlors. Not fancy, not the best icecream in the world, but still good and fun for families. I like the Moraga branch better then the Orinda branch.

          1. I'm fond of my local shop, Ice Cream Mania in Pinole (

            The ice cream (Gunther's) is decent, and the staff is friendly. Haven't tried them on special orders like your chocolate shake, but I suspect the notion wouldn't throw them.