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Oct 10, 2008 09:27 AM


Any ideas as to whether/where I can buy kombucha culture or commercial kombucha drink in Montreal?

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. The Crudessence people sell it, from their cafe. But you can also call them, and buy it directly from their catering office, by the case.

    1. You can find a culture at - I would happily send you one but I'm in the states and who knows what they'd so with it at the border?

      Also I priced it - homemade costs about 20 cents a pint and at Fairway in NYC it costs between $3. and $3.50 a pint! And I like the taste of homemade better. Little learning curve, but worth it. The culture reproduces itself every time you make a batch. Enjoy!!!


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        Thanks for the link.

        Can you clarify what a kombucha baby is?

        1. re: mainsqueeze

          when you use a scoby to ferment a batch of sweetened tea, the original scoby is the "mother" and the new tissue which develops on the surface of the liquid is the "baby".

          fyi: if you're trying to cultivate scobys, after your KTea is fermented to your liking, pour off the KTea. peel the baby from the mother and let it sit in a minimal amount of the old KTea (i.e., don't add fresh tea or sugar). I guess, like plants, the harsher the conditions, the harder they work to pass on their genes. the baby will grow much thicker than it would in a depth of tea; it will grow very white. these always remind me of calamari steaks.

          if you need more KTea while you promote growth in the baby, re-use the mother.

          hope this helps. I've been fermenting KTea for most of this year, and still as enthusiastic as when I first started.

      2. I occasionally see people advertising on craigslist. Sometimes they give it away (those alien things take over your house easily, scaaaaaryy); or look for people that could barter for it,

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I want to revive this post and see if anyone has any new info. I want to begin making Kombucha along with making beer (which is so much fun). So yeah, same question as the OP, just 3-4 years later.

            I know that Crudessence still makes and sells it but it's close to $4 a bottle (400 mL or so) which is a bit ridiculous. Also, they claim that their Kombucha contains no chemicals, which makes their product the worlds most expensive vacuum.

            If anyone has a baby they can donate me, that would also be great!