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Oct 10, 2008 09:01 AM

which would you pick?

going to dinner tonight with my family. there will be 6 of us, one who eats mostly vegetables. trying to decide which spot to go to. i'm open to other suggestions and cuisines but as you can tell i'm on an italian theme for some reason. we have to be at 25th & lex by 9:15pm so i want to stay relatively close but will jump in cab after dinner if necessary. looking for avg prices 15-25 for an entree i guess. can be a little less but not too much more.

my thoughts:
basta pasta
paul and jimmys--go all the time

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  1. if you like paul and jimmy's, try ennio and michael's on la guardia,

    1. basta pasta pastas are around 15-18; most meat fish entrees high 20s and up. you'll need selectivity in ordering to get your price ok.