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Oct 10, 2008 08:05 AM

Dinner between MSP and Brainerd

My boyfriend and I are driving tonight from Minneapolis to Brainerd, probably leaving 4:30ish. We need to eat dinner at some point. Ideas?

I have scoured the boards and haven't found a lot of suggestions, particularly for St. Cloud. We'd like something chowish and/or fairly nice where we might see a vegetable. We can drive to St. Cloud and *then* go north, or we can take 101 toward Mille Lacs lake. We'll pick a route based on chow possibilities.

If anyone has lunch-y or snack places to stop on the way back on Sunday, send those our way, too.


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  1. Try Cafe renaissance in Waite Park on 75 between St. Joe and St. Cloud another place good food - no atmosphere is the Asia House in St. Cloud just behind Super America on HWY 10 turn right at first traffic light coming into st. Cloud then left on frontage road it's in and old Tom Thumb