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Oct 10, 2008 07:49 AM

Irving Recs?

I took a job in Irving and need some good recs for eats. I DO NOT enjoy chain restaruants. I love a hole-in-the-wall mom & pop locally owned restaurant. I'm open to any cuisine. Please help or I may be forced to eat a Chili's....

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    1. There is a Pho Pasteur (Vietnamese) on Belt Line and 635. They have pictures of some of the items so you can get an idea of what you're going to order.

      If you like Thai, Blu Ginger is good. When I worked in Las Colinas I'd eat there whenever I craved Thai.

      1. I'm in a similar boat as you. Where exactly is your office? I'm moreso in Las Colinas and it's pretty much a wasteland for good eats. Doesn't help that most of my coworkers love chain restaurants too.
        First FYI on that thread, unfortunately Spoon has closed their doors, the place was amazing and probably the best dive in Irving. Out of the other suggetions, I liked Mercado Juarez and Urban Eatz. As far as I know, Mercado Juarez has the most authentic Mexican in the area . Their express lunch is really nice too, service is fast and you're in/out quickly. Urban Eatz is pretty similar to Panera Bread/Corner Bakery, and throw in burgers and pizzas on the menu. I'd suggest keeping your group small or getting food to go since the place is small and fillis up quick.

        I've found a couple more places since starting work though.
        My office is a short walk away from Italian Cafe whenever I crave pizza by the slice. They rotate the pizzas out frequently so every slice I've had there's been fresh.

        Mayuri's lunch buffet isn't bad if I'm feeling like Indian:

        For pho, my favorite spots are:
        -Pho Vina on Belt Line south of 114, north of 183
        -I Luv Pho, on Macarthur north of 635.

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          On Beltline Rd, south of 183 are a lot of Asian restaurants that are authentic and small. Also I really like Thai Noodle on Las Colinas Blvd.

          1. re: sandih

            I can only think of just two or three asian (Korean) places south of 183.

            Kaya Korea BBQ....not that great but they are very generous on their panchan
            Restaurant ABC (just off the Pioneer and Beltline corner) I am not sure when this place is ever open?
            Might be a place in the KoMart shopping center but not as many places as there used to be.
            I also think there might be one place close to Chin Hair Design and Dancing Master Ballroom but I have never seen anyone eating there.

            I would say you would fair better at the three or four Viet places north of 183 on Beltline

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              Wow well you did grow up in Irving but I used to eat at the Korean places there on Beltline & Pioneer back in the late 70s. Those places were the first in DFW in fact. I had no idea that any were still alive.

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                Are there any other good places to the north of 183 worth mentioning? As much as I like Pho Vina, I don't go too often since that's a long ways for me to drive for lunch.

          2. I'm only familiar with Belt Line between 183 and 114.
            Here are my recs:

            Hanasho Japanese Restaurant (Belt Line and Rochelle): sushi's ok but the dishes are good
            Argentina Bakery (Belt Line and 183): empanadas with beef/egg/jalapeno are really good...for a snack only
            Bangkok Orchid Thai (Belt Line and 183): good thai food

            There are a lot of chain restaurants tho.
            Good Luck!

            1. Here are my favorite lunch spots in Irving:

              Brazil Brasileiro‎ - more info »
              2315 W Airport Fwy # 135, Irving, TX - (972) 594-8894

              San Diego Tacos Shop‎ - more info »
              1601 N Story Rd, Irving, TX - (469) 524-0473‎

              Pasand Indian Cuisine‎ - more info »
              2600 N Belt Line Rd, Irving, TX - (972) 594-0693‎

              Pho Republic Noodle & Rice‎ - more info »
              3591 N Belt Line Rd, Irving, TX - (972) 594-7159‎

              Dunes Kabob Inc‎ - more info »
              3401 W Airport Fwy, Irving, TX - (214) 441-1342‎