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Irving Recs?

I took a job in Irving and need some good recs for eats. I DO NOT enjoy chain restaruants. I love a hole-in-the-wall mom & pop locally owned restaurant. I'm open to any cuisine. Please help or I may be forced to eat a Chili's....

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    1. There is a Pho Pasteur (Vietnamese) on Belt Line and 635. They have pictures of some of the items so you can get an idea of what you're going to order.

      If you like Thai, Blu Ginger is good. When I worked in Las Colinas I'd eat there whenever I craved Thai.

      1. I'm in a similar boat as you. Where exactly is your office? I'm moreso in Las Colinas and it's pretty much a wasteland for good eats. Doesn't help that most of my coworkers love chain restaurants too.

        First FYI on that thread, unfortunately Spoon has closed their doors, the place was amazing and probably the best dive in Irving. Out of the other suggetions, I liked Mercado Juarez and Urban Eatz. As far as I know, Mercado Juarez has the most authentic Mexican in the area . Their express lunch is really nice too, service is fast and you're in/out quickly. Urban Eatz is pretty similar to Panera Bread/Corner Bakery, and throw in burgers and pizzas on the menu. I'd suggest keeping your group small or getting food to go since the place is small and fillis up quick.

        I've found a couple more places since starting work though.
        My office is a short walk away from Italian Cafe whenever I crave pizza by the slice. They rotate the pizzas out frequently so every slice I've had there's been fresh.

        Mayuri's lunch buffet isn't bad if I'm feeling like Indian:

        For pho, my favorite spots are:
        -Pho Vina on Belt Line south of 114, north of 183
        -I Luv Pho, on Macarthur north of 635.

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          On Beltline Rd, south of 183 are a lot of Asian restaurants that are authentic and small. Also I really like Thai Noodle on Las Colinas Blvd.

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            I can only think of just two or three asian (Korean) places south of 183.

            Kaya Korea BBQ....not that great but they are very generous on their panchan
            Restaurant ABC (just off the Pioneer and Beltline corner) I am not sure when this place is ever open?
            Might be a place in the KoMart shopping center but not as many places as there used to be.
            I also think there might be one place close to Chin Hair Design and Dancing Master Ballroom but I have never seen anyone eating there.

            I would say you would fair better at the three or four Viet places north of 183 on Beltline

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              Wow well you did grow up in Irving but I used to eat at the Korean places there on Beltline & Pioneer back in the late 70s. Those places were the first in DFW in fact. I had no idea that any were still alive.

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                Are there any other good places to the north of 183 worth mentioning? As much as I like Pho Vina, I don't go too often since that's a long ways for me to drive for lunch.

          2. I'm only familiar with Belt Line between 183 and 114.
            Here are my recs:

            Hanasho Japanese Restaurant (Belt Line and Rochelle): sushi's ok but the dishes are good
            Argentina Bakery (Belt Line and 183): empanadas with beef/egg/jalapeno are really good...for a snack only
            Bangkok Orchid Thai (Belt Line and 183): good thai food

            There are a lot of chain restaurants tho.
            Good Luck!

            1. Here are my favorite lunch spots in Irving:

              Brazil Brasileiro‎ - more info »
              2315 W Airport Fwy # 135, Irving, TX - (972) 594-8894

              San Diego Tacos Shop‎ - more info »
              1601 N Story Rd, Irving, TX - (469) 524-0473‎

              Pasand Indian Cuisine‎ - more info »
              2600 N Belt Line Rd, Irving, TX - (972) 594-0693‎

              Pho Republic Noodle & Rice‎ - more info »
              3591 N Belt Line Rd, Irving, TX - (972) 594-7159‎

              Dunes Kabob Inc‎ - more info »
              3401 W Airport Fwy, Irving, TX - (214) 441-1342‎

              1. i like Rudys tex mex ALOT!!! great HOT sauce! belt line@ rochelle

                1. I ate at a very good Salvadorian place last night in a strip center at the corner of US183 and MacArthur. It used to be Escabars but is under new ownership. Food was great. I had a grilled chicken breast atop rice with shredded carrots and corn, refried black beans, and sauteed plantains, with thick homemade corn tortillas. Yummy. It's to the left of Sack n Save grocery. Sorry I don't know the new name.

                  1. San Diego's Tacos
                    San Diego style Mexican
                    1601 N Story Rd
                    Irving, TX 75061
                    (469) 524-0473

                    Chaat Cafe
                    6550 N MacArthur Blvd
                    Irving, TX 75017
                    (972) 506-7444

                    Fred's Barbecue Restaurant
                    808 E Irving Blvd
                    Irving, TX 75060
                    (972) 579-7655

                    Villas Grill
                    137 S Main St
                    Irving, TX 75060
                    (972) 259-2939

                    El Comal Restaurant
                    1411N Belt Line Rd
                    Irving, TX 75061
                    (972) 790-2662

                    Kasbah Cafe
                    2851 Esters Rd
                    Irving, TX 75062
                    (214) 596-1584

                    I Fratelli
                    4020 N MacArthur Blvd Ste 132
                    Irving, TX 75038
                    (972) 541-1000

                    La Paletera
                    IceCream/Fruit Desserts
                    1800 N Beltline Rd
                    Irving, TX 75061
                    (214) 441-1080

                    Hot Breads
                    Indian Bakery
                    5330 N MacArthur Blvd
                    Irving, TX 75038
                    (972) 753-1000

                    Temptation Cuisine
                    4070 N Belt Line Rd
                    Ste 138
                    Irving, TX 75017
                    (214) 492-1229

                    El Tumi
                    Latin American
                    2430 N Story Rd
                    Irving, TX 75062
                    (972) 252-8713

                    Delicias Brazil
                    Brazilian, Buffets
                    2315 W Airport Fwy
                    Irving, TX 75062
                    (972) 255-3714

                    Taqueria Arandas
                    1225 W Airport Fwy
                    Irving, TX 75062
                    (972) 258-0305

                    Vito's Pizza Restaurant
                    2000 Esters Rd Ste 208
                    Irving, TX 75061
                    (972) 986-1243

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                    1. re: dfwdean


                      Do you have any comments on any of your recommendations??

                      I would have to disagree with you on Vito's. I haven't been back since high school. I gave them three chances to please and on every single chance they failed miserably. I am not sure if they have new owners or not but the ones from old were not that concerned with pleasing the customer. I had two pizzas that were undercooked so much that the pizza was raw in the center....not just floppy...raw. The second time I asked if they could make another...it was not a good night. I will just leave it at that. I am not sure how they have ever managed to stay in business all these years. I grew up in Irving for over 25 years and Vito's was by far the worst pizza I had in Irving. Just my opinion but they might have gotten better. I would still try out Cavalli's if I was trying a new place out in Irving. Cavalli's at least has had some acclaim and has been mentioned numerous times on CH for great pizza

                      I would actually recommend Taj Chaat House on NEC of Rochelle & MacArthur over Chaat Cafe. Chaat Cafe is great for "Americanized" Indian fare but Taj on the other hand is very authentic and freshly prepared. For the meat eaters it is a vegetarian only restaurant but it is very interesting to see the options they have without meat.

                      Not a mention for Argentina Bakery (DFWFOODIE had mentioned but need to reiterate).....this place opened up maybe 3-4 years ago and has some of the best pasteries in the Irving area if not the metroplex. I like the South American vibe that is there when a bunch of expats are there. The pasteries are very reasonable and the empanadas are worth a try.

                      This one is for air:
                      Eventhough Pho Vina is good I also like Pho Republic. The place is huge and the sister restaurant to the one in Arlington off Arkansas. The restaurant is in the Tom Thumb shopping center on the corner closest to Northgate. I really like the pho and bun bo hue there. The bun bo hue is actually extremely spicy but I still order extra jalapenos. The bahn mi are the only dissapiontment...I would avoid them and stick with the broken rice, pho, bun or other noodles dishes.

                      I guess Danals gets wiped off every list. I think it is worthy at least for the shear fact they are probably Irving's oldest surviving tex-mex restaurant. Great margaritas in a pitcher, great hot sauce, and just great all around food. For those of us who mourn the loss of Taco Villa across Pioneer a few years back this is a great place to forget those memories plus with a tour around Danal's Supermercado/Elrods Cost Plus.

                      I used to like Market Latina for Salvadoran over Escobar's this was back before the Glorias craze started...in fact I have been to Glorias twice and thought their food to be subpar to Escobar's and Market Latina. I am not sure if the original owner is around at Market Latina but he was a very generous and kind person. The pupsas were killer here (until I had the now defunct Mi Patio in Lewisville). I am not sure if Market Latina is still there but it was in Plymouth Park Shopping Center directly across from the vacant Fazios.

                      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                        LH - this is off-topic, but I'm curious. What did you order at Gloria's that put you off with them? I've been twice, had something called a name like Mexican Scamble - it was a perfectly cooked (easy) scramble of just what you'd expect: tomatoes, onions, peppers. The sceond visit I ordered a pork tenderloin that was a surprise in that it was a length-wise slice (like flank steak) of tenderloin. Again cooked perfectly and seasoned wonderfully. I don't remember the sides except for the elegantly, creamy beans - wonderful. Is it the sevice "pretty" plates?. I know that sometimes there's an attempt to mask bad food with "eye appeal". That hasn't been my experience here, but I will say that my friend, on one occasion had flank/skirt steak that was pretty tough. Other than that, another friend's selection of chicken enchilada's were quite tasty. I am just curious about your dislikes.

                        The ritas served at the Colleyville location are totally overloaded with lime (pucker up please) and the chips are thicker than my preference dictates.

                        1. re: CocoaNut

                          LH, nevermind. I can probably answer my own question with one word: authenticity - which I can accept. But indulge me for giving a little background on Gloria's. At their inception, back in the very early 80's, perhaps late 70's, I believe they were totally authentic. My uncle had reason to be staying long term at a very small motel up at 635 and (maybe?) Greenville. In a corner of the lobby area was a small eating area of maybe about 4 tables. This was Gloria's and they served Salvadorian. Now at that time, my taste buds were honed to the perfect quarter pounder, big bean burrito and the like, so you can imagine my aversion when I had dinner with him, EXPECTING something akin to tacos and enchiladas, and there was nothing to that end found on the menu. I think this was the mentality of the genral public at that time. My uncle, being the "original" foodie, did not share that opinion and had nothing but praise for the unknown little Salvadorian place. I digress. So my thought is that in order to make it in the big bad world of restaurants, they strayed from their Salvadorian roots and along the way, introduced more Tex-Mex. For whatever it's worth, that's the history. I still like it for what it is, but now that my tastes have expanded and become more "sohpisicated", I'll have to make a drive to Lewisville at some point and retry the real deal!

                          1. re: CocoaNut


                            Going to save you the half tank of gas and say that Mi Patio went out of business or has relocated somewhere. It never got much business but it was sure great food while it lasted.

                            Sorry for not liking Glorias....just I would prefer a place to tell you if it is more Tex-Mex than Salvadoran. I don't go to Littl e Sichuan in Plano and expect Thai food (that is the sentiment I have about Gloria's). I am sure it was good in its earlier years and as resturants grow in popularity these days they sacrifice authenticity and taste to appeal more to the masses and alienate the true foodies. I am also sure some dishes are some suprises on their menu. Thank you for trying to make Gloria's more appealing and the small history lesson it is appreciated!

                        2. re: LewisvilleHounder

                          I was not impressed with Taj Chaat: having lived in India for a year I found it too regional and limited. Chaat Cafe offers a wider regional flavors and has a mostly Indian clientele (you can't go wrong with the lamb either).
                          Vito's I only started to frequent since the beginning of summer, never had a bad pizza or entree yet. Decor is cheezy, but the food is good.
                          Argentina Bakery is good, the same goodness I had in BA a year ago when there on vacation. But it is a bakery, not a restaurant: that's just snack food for me LOL